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Custom Quilting Can Make Your Work-Of-Art "POP"!  

Custom Quilting


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Did you know that we do custom quilting and highly custom quilting?  


Yes we do! About 1/4 of all quilts are custom quilted.  


Custom quilting can bring a quilt to life. We've had many quilters remark at how the quilting brought their work of art to life.


When combined with different colored threads and simpler backs there is an entirely different depth to the beauty of your quilt! 


If you want to see some examples, we have a few sample quilts available for inspection.


Custom Quilting Designs


We have about 5,000 longarm stitching designs on hand to make your work-of-art "pop". However, there are time when a design we have needs to be modified or and entirely new design created.


We can provide those, too. We have over 1,200 designs that we have created, and we add to that total weekly.


Wispy Design

We can do that for you, too, if the need ever arises. Our price for designing a pattern is as low as $20. We can keep our prices low because we sell our designs to other longarmers, too.


I will give two examples. The first example is at the right. A customer was in need of a wispy design that could be divided into halves, and quarters. She also wanted a complementing design for the borders, which we did for her.


3/4 feather wreath with microstipple 

The second example is at the left. It is an example of a feather wreath with a micro-stipple surround and interior. The design of the quilt required not only the complete wreath, but also a 3/4  [shown], a half, a quarter, and an eighth segments. These were needed because of the way blocks were set in relation to each other and the borders.  

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