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We are accepting bids to host our 2024 events.

Annual Meeting
The Association conducts an annual meeting which is devoted to education, communication of ideas, social interaction, and networking for all the membership categories including Travel Supplier, Associate, and Operator Members. Breakout events include FAMS, Industry Expo and the Sales Retreat.

Marketplace: A Group Leader Showcase of Destinations
PBA has held a Marketplace event for over 25 years to put our travel supplier members directly in touch with our bus operator group leaders…..the core of their business. This event features exciting exhibits by various destinations, convention and visitor bureaus, museums, casino companies, etc. arranged by region in a large exhibit hall.

If interested, please visit our 2024 event pages for a copy of the bid specs:

Deadline is January 1, 2023.
Patricia Cowley 
Executive Director 
Telephone: 717-236-9042 
Email:  director@pabus.org 
Website: www.pabus.org