Garlic Scapes Now
Grown with love on Tarbox Farm - late rhubarb, early summer squash, bok choi, cucumbers and lots more
Bath Farmers Market
July 4 2020

Maine Harvest Bucks Here for SNAP shopping

Maine Harvest Bucks are now available to SNAP users, who receive a 100% match for any SNAP purchases to buy fruits, vegetables and vegetable seedlings. So pickup your Snap tokens (green) at the info booth mid market, and get the same amount in red tokens (Harvest Bucks) for your fresh fruits and veg. All at the info table. It's open 8:30 to !0 thru June.

Vendor Payment

We no longer offer tokens to non SNAP credit and debit card users, but if you have leftover tokens you can use them. Most vendors have credit and debit card capacity . Bring some cash, or a check, for the few who don't - small bills make it easier. Double check with vendors to see what method they prefer.


Be aware: the bathrooms aren't open yet. This is a decision by the City of Bath

Please remember to leave parking spaces by Park Sidewalk available for Vendors
Peas, please, at Goranson Farm
Flowers, Fruits &   Vegetables

Dharma Farm
Goranson Farm
Hawkes Farm
New Roots Farm
Oyster Creek Mushroom Co
Pleasant Pond Orchard
Sparrow Farm
Tarbox Farm
Plenty of choices for family and friends at Borealis Breads

Baked Goods
Beryls Pastries
Borealis Breads
Chase Farm Bakery
Stewart & Reid (gluten free)

Convenient and versatile for the holiday: smoked chicken and fresh eggs from Mainely Poultry
Meat & Poultry

Fuzzy Udder Creamery
Kelley Brothers Beef
Mainely Poultry
Pine Tree Poultry
Emily's Oysters
Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood
Emily's Oysters offers in market or at home delivery for those marvelous mollusks - talk to Emily about it


Goranson Farm
Mainely Poultry
Shepherds & Such
Sparrow Farm

Cheese & Dairy

Appleton Creamery
Chase Farm Bakery
Fuzzy Udder Creamery
Hahns End
Deb and Drew at Hahn's End are ready to help with those difficult cheese decisions
Preserved and Premade

Gracies Garden
Jyang_Lee Kitchen
Old Narrow Gauge Farm
Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood
Pine Tree Poultry,
Sparrow Farm
Stat your morning in Italy with a crusty loaf and this dense, lovely orange marmalade at Alchimia
Beat back the effects of hand sanitizer and summer sun with Beeswax based cream from Pleasant Pond Orchard

Handcrafted , Homegrown

Big Barn Coffee
Goranson Farm
Pleasant Pond Orchard
Shepherds & Such
Sisters Soap (at Appleton)
Farm Stands - plan a road trip and explore

Easy to use statewide listing

Similiar, structured differently, the University of Maine Cooperative Extension website::

In the area served by the Merrymeeting Food Council at
Not here this week

Chase Farm Bakery
Fuzzy Udder Creamery
Mindful Gardens
Pine Tree Poultry
Popp Farm
Good Morning

Yup it's the 4th.

For me thisisa joyous celebration of release from tyranny, a demand that all people enjoy the freedoms detailed in our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Our challenge now, is to act as we can to ensure those rights and freedoms are available and accessible to us all. Let's offer our hands to each other to remind us that we are indeed, all related, all one family.

All families need food, and we are ready to get yours to you. Strawberries, the last of the asparagus, kohlrabi and summer squash, fresh preserves and succulent meats are ready for you. Just to start. Explore and enjoy the midsummer bounty..

Need info, something to share?
Email me at

thanks for being you
Every morning's a holiday with aromatic fresh brewed coffee from Big Barn

From our vendors - Sales, Seasonal, Specials
Go for gorgeous Goranson strawberries. A rainbow of early tomatoes, a variety of greens, including lovely arugula, and very pretty radishes and summer beets. Keep browsing! .

Stewart & Reid is back. Last weeks scones came in date, wolfberry (goji), chocolate chip & bing cherry! Jeff is a master of gluten free delights, and standbys like gf slider rolls as well.

Hahns End will bring in a mixed batch of soft and hard cheeses. Lets hear it for Lynn, creamy and a fine melter for burgers of any kind, or a hefty chunk of Blue Velvet, great in salads, very fine on a veggie pizza.
Radish and greens, garlic scapes and salad turnips -presto a salad! at Dharma Farm
Stock up on Spring Rolls at Jyang_Lee ; a really fine snack on the run -you don't need the sauce! But she does have some, versatile ones. Sesame noodles, dumplings and egg rolls are authentic and fun, delighting old and young.

Nanne at Meadowcroft recommends fresh lamb for your grill feast; consider a sweater for these often chilly nights. .

At Appleton , those adorable goats are producing some fine milk. Now is the time to try Grilloumi, so resilient on the grill, and what is more heavenly than melted cheese? Chevre with basil in olive oil must be pre ordered.
New at Old Narrow Gauge: Aprium (apricot plum hybrid) jam
Beryl is bound to have some gorgeous pastry so line up early. Stock up on her classic and innovative cookies for full family satisfaction.Ginger scones ho!

Try some of the newer joys at Gracie's Garden : Antique Onions, or slinkily delicious golden kraut. Three kinds of Kimchee, including no anchovy!

Oyster Creek has some new foragers and some new choices. After this weeks weather they are bound to have a good selection of grillable, sliceable, delicious mushrooms. Try something new, or enjoy tradition.It's all good.
Dry (no water added) scallops from Pemaquid, quick to cook, a joy to devour gracefully (or not)

Pemaquid Seafood has grillable, steamable salmon, fresh haddock too. Only the freshest and cut to order. That pretty crabmeat will enhance a green salad or go well with tomato or spinach pasta from Alchimia , by the way,

Judy at MicroMainea is a wicked good hand at arranging lovely seasonal flowers into her "Backyard Bouquets" Arranged with obvious love, they brighten a table. As do her crunchy microgreens - so take your pick.

Late garden needs? still some vibrant hardy seedlings at Dharma Farm. Their knobby little carrots make a great snack, and their small batch herbs are so convenient..
Seasonal Oysters are prime at Oyster Creek Mushroom. Changing weekly, try 'em when you see' em!


Music suspended indefinitely
in compliance with Maine guidelines
Early early to get one of these gorgeous pies from Beryl. You could try camping out the night before....