Volume 54 | April 22, 2019
Consideration When Deciding Priorities for 2019-2021 Wisconsin Budget
Wisconsin has a biennial budget. This means that the state budget usually includes information about how money will be spent for a two-year period, from July of an odd numbered year through June of the next odd-numbered year. For example, the 2019-21 budget runs from July 2019 through June 2021.

This is the time in the legislative session when many lawmakers hold budget “listening sessions” or “office hours” at various public locations in their districts to gather input on the proposed budget from their constituents.

At these “listening sessions” members of the public are typically invited to share questions and concerns about matters involving state government, including particularly the state budget.

Should you choose to attend these listening sessions consider the topics of premises identification and traceability. Effective livestock premises identification is extremely important for animal health, disease control and interstate commerce. There is no charge to the livestock owners when their premises are first registered, and then renewed, every three years. WLIC processes these premises registrations and renewals, manages the database, which contains more than 80,000 premises records (including active and inactive premises), and enters and manages related animal identification and health papers, including Certified Veterinary Inspections (CVIs), brucellosis slips and Tuberculosis (TB) slips. Additionally, WLIC provides education and outreach services to the agriculture community and the public-at-large.

All of this data is crucial to timely traceback procedures in case of an animal disease outbreak. If the data is entered into the system, DATCP officials can trace the animal’s movement back to the farm of origin within minutes. This allows officials to take immediate steps and determine areas of quarantine. If the data is not entered into the database, it may take days, weeks or even months to sort through boxes of health papers to find all infected animals, which would halt exports and erode consumer confidence.

If you have any questions about the biannual state budget or anything regarding premises registration or livestock traceability please contact WLIC Executive Director, Jodi Legge, and jlegge@wiid.org.
WI-Origin Tags Available Online!
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The WLIC online store gives producers several options for purchasing the WI-Origin™ tags, including choice of style, color, and price. Other preferences include a selection of both RFID (radio frequency identification), or non-RFID tags.

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In the News
Parts of MI Designated "Potential High-Risk Area" for Bovine TB
Officials in Michigan have designated parts of the northern region of the state as a “Potential High-Risk Area” for bovine tuberculosis. These designations follow the confirmation of a free-ranging white-tailed deer in Alcona County testing positive for bovine TB. The case was confirmed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

USDA Announces Cooperative Agreement Funding For RFID Project Proposals
The United States Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is announcing the availability of $1 million in cooperative agreement funding to support animal disease traceability (ADT) and electronic identification for cattle.

Pork Producers Seek Trade and Animal Disease Protection
The  National Pork Producers Council  wrapped up its Spring Legislative Action Conference this week. More than 100 pork producers from across the United States gathered in Washington this week to meet with their representatives in Congress to discuss solutions for trade, animal disease preparedness and agriculture’s labor shortage.

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