Are you considering BUNION or KNEE (REPLACEMENT) SURGERY in the NEAR future?  
Please be aware that many such surgeries have a problem that is rooted in true BIOMECHANICS of the FOOT!
Your foot and lower leg need to be in proper alignment like the front wheels of a car. Don't just change the tires of the car.  Doing bunion or knee surgery  FIRST is treating the symptom, not the actual cause of the problem.

Your knee pain or bunion may be back in 2-3 years!  What waste of money, energy and time! Come in my office for your foot consultation FIRST for a better, less invasive treatment plan!  You may not need that Bunion or Knee surgery! REALLY!

Dr. Harry Baldinger

Experience and Technology to Care for Your Feet.

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For more information on how  bunions, hammertoes, knee pain, back pain or shoulder pain can originate in misaligned feet go to, or call 845-425-8686 for you appointment today.
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