Top issues when considering a Data Center Transaction: Co-location Services, Financial Requirements & Contracting SLA’s


Thursday, December 5th, 2019

1:00 PM (ET)

Duration: 1 Hour

In this Webinar, we will address the main issues the market and our clients are facing when performing a data center transaction, understand what's needed, what are the MSA's, Lease terms, rights to space and power, and renewals or expansion rights of space and power.
Jeffrey A. Moerdler
Kevin Sanders
 Managing Principal Data Center Strategy & Consulting
This webinar will discuss:

10 years ago, the Data Center transactions were led by the real estate side. Nowadays this effort is led by multiple players in the business. The IT Side sits in the front row due to the rapid expansion of data and application workloads. The finance team also gets involved because of risk mitigation and financial consequences of an outage or a data breach. The Facilities team will also play a critical role to assure there is enough space, power and cooling available at all times to support the IT needs.

This webinar will some insights on the below questions:

  • How much space power an cooling I will need to negotiate for today and for the future?
  • How to deal with unplanned changes in the IT load?
  • What geographic risk exist?
  • What is the facility resiliency and the telco provider availability?
  • What our my restrictions?
  • What renewal, expansion and partial termination rights I have?
  • What is my true Total Cost?

EYP Mission Critical Facilities and Mintz will share their experience with you.

Attendees will hear what to consider when looking to perform a data center transaction.
About Speakers:

Jeffrey Moerdler, Member


Jeff heads our Real Estate and Communications practices in New York and has significant experience in general commercial real estate law. Jeff’s general real estate practice includes acquisitions, sales, development, leasing, and borrower’s side financing. He also has a particular focus on real estate challenges facing communications, technology, and energy companies, and represents property owners and telecom companies in telecom real estate matters, such as data center leases. His clients include both large national companies and smaller, local clients.

During the past 30 years, he has developed a unique specialty practice in the intersection of real estate with communications, technology and energy issues. He has extensive experience representing landlords, tenants, and communications service providers in the leasing, purchase, sale, and financing of data centers, switch facilities, colocation facilities, radio and television broadcast antennas, distributed and in-building wireless systems, rooftop antennas, and fiber-optic transactions as well as the wiring of buildings for broadband communications access. Jeff has also negotiated thousands of data center leases, master services agreements and colocation agreements, rooftop and cellular antenna leases, inside wiring agreements, and antenna tower leases throughout the country – covering over 500 million square feet.
Kevin Sanders - Managing Principal Data Center Strategy & Consulting


Kevin Sanders has over 35 years of experience in the planning, design, implementation and management of data centers, information systems and networks/communications systems. As a consultant for the past 25 years, Kevin has worked with many colleges and research universities, healthcare, pharmaceutical and financial institutions, including from the Fortune 100 list.

Kevin is the Managing Principal responsible for all client strategic data center consulting work for EYP Mission Critical Facilities. Kevin spearheaded the use of both financial and technical architecture models to allow clients to understand the “cost timeline” for infrastructure, technology and organizational options to assist CIO’s / CTO’s / and CFO’s in the control and predictability of their Hybrid IT and Data Center budgets.