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New Year, New Attitude...Try the Three C's!

Consistency, Controls, and Compliance

What do the above terms mean to you? Here is how they are defined in the dictionary...
  • Consistencya pattern of sticking with one way of thinking or acting 
  • Controlto cause something to act or function in a certain way
  • Complianceconformity in fulfilling official requirements
While all that is easier said, read and done, there are tools to help you remain on track.  Download our "Controller's Road Map".  This is a calendar that specifically outlines daily, monthly, quarterly, and year end functions.  

You have the Three C's and our Controller's Road Map.  Watch for next month's newsletter where we will share our downloadable "Suggestions for Success".  This guide will show you how to maintain that momentum all through the year!
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Need help getting on track?   Contact us now...

We will take a deep and careful look at your current platform 
to analyze what's working, what's not, and 
what may be needed to get on track. 
FLSA Changes
UPDATE: Preliminary Injunction Issued Against DOL Overtime Rule

Last month we reported that the Department of Labor's changes to the FLSA for overtime would be in effect as of 12/01/2016.  On November 22nd the Federal District Court granted an injunction against the controversial DOL Overtime Rule. 

For those employers that have not yet taken any steps to evaluate their current employees classifications under the FLSA, auditing is still recommended.  It is possible that some version of the final rule may still become law in the coming year.

"It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives.  It's what we do consistently. "  - Tony Robbins 

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