Volume 1 | March 2017
Welcome to Conspired , a new newsletter devoted to sharing the best of what I've
learned in my 23 years owning and running publishing businesses and advising nonfiction authors...and what I continue to learn: What's working now in my businesses; what's working now for my client authors; what I see coming down the road, out in the world, and inside the industry.

Sharon Woodhouse
Book publisher, publishing consultant, and small business coach
Everything Goes Media, Lake Claremont Press, and Conspire Creative
This Newsletter Could Be for You, if You Are...
  • A self-published or traditionally published author
  • A new, soon-to-be, or established author
  • Excited about everything that comes after writing the book but don't know where to begin
  • Uncertain, confused, or overwhelmed by book marketing and its options
  • Not experiencing the visibility, sales, satisfaction, or other desired results from your book promotion efforts and author status
  • Wanting to move beyond disappointment, frustration, and other negative emotions associated with book promotion to more productive and positive feelings and actions
  • Curious about how to capitalize on the incredible accomplishment of having written a book
  • Ready to work, experiment, and make steady and fulfilling progress toward your author goals
  • Okay without gimmicks, hype, and flourish. My style is straightforward, practical, honest, real. This is what works, this is what doesn't, this is what I think. Sometimes there's cheek. Sometimes deadpan. Probably some tough love and unabashed optimism too.
  • Okay with the ideas and language of coachingthe rah, rah and the looking inward. Because I see firsthand time and time again that it makes a huge difference in the outcomes you're looking for. If coaching is a requirement for Olympic athletes and top executives, we can board that train too.
  • Looking for a fan, an advocate, a believer, a total stranger who's pulling for your success.

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But, Another Newsletter?

Yes. If you are a nonfiction author wanting more visibility, sales, satisfaction, and other good things from your book and your author life, give this one a try for a few months. It's free and it's oh-so-easy to delete the moment it becomes not worth your time.

And here's why I think it's worth my time to write a newsletter and worth your time to read it. It's because I'm an expert—I've hit middle age, faced that fact, then realized all I happen to know. But I'm not an expert because I put in 23 years in a field. It's because of the breadth and depth of experiences I packed into those years and the lessons delightful, mundane, and painful I've extracted from them. And though I'm now also a consultant and coach, I'm still a working, hands-on publisher, investing my own money in new book projects all the time and needing to see a healthy return on them because, you know, paycheck.

In my career I've advised dozens of the authors I've published, hundreds of clients directly, and thousands of authors through my public programs and events. I have never been part of the publishing establishment (NYC and such) but I have been working successfully as an independent book publisher since the last days of the typewriter, constantly testing, creating, and reinventing, experimenting at the edges, and taking bold risks alongside doing a million little things.

My specialties include helping authors make a cottage industry and a good side income from their books, finding ways for projects to go forward on (almost) any budget, listening to authors and their personal goals, strategic and customized marketing campaigns, powerful partnerships, win-win solutions, creative and inexpensive promotions, leveraging trends, big-picture insights, and always having a surplus of ideas for when a new one is really, really needed.

So, will you give one more newsletter a try?

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Some Fundamental Ideas Behind Conspired to Prime Your Mind
  • Over most of my 23 years as an independent book publisher, I used to think that careful, thoughtful, individualized book marketing based on the book, the author, and that moment in time was the best way to go, now I think it’s the only way to go.
  • Commitment and momentum matter: An author’s commitment to their book and its marketing, and the dedicated cultivation of marketing momentum.
  • Agile, adaptive, as-you-go marketing is critical.
  • Having written a book is an incredible achievement. Authors: Resist any urge to hide, shrink, or self-sabotage. Choose to be your own number one supporter and be on your own side. Work to make the most of all the effort you've expended so far—share your content with the world, integrate the book and its marketing into your best life, and leverage your accomplishment for maximum satisfaction.

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Content You Can Expect in  Conspired
  • Recurring themes of commitment, passion, creativity, customization, relationships, and service
  • What's working now for authors
  • What's working now for publishers
  • Critical big ideas, habits, and attitudes
  • What's to gain by thinking like an owner, an entrepreneur, a publisher
  • Implications of industry news
  • Capitalizing on trends
  • Legal, tax, and accounting advice that makes a difference
  • Logistical, productivity, and administrative tips
  • Aligning your book promotion activities with your priorities and values
  • Applying your creativity and strengths to book marketing
  • Using your interests and skills to maximum advantage
  • Gaining and sustaining momentum and visibility for you and your book
  • Gauging results and staying accountable to yourself and your goals
  • Coaching yourself through the ups and downs and to better outcomes
  • Are you having fun yet?
  • Using your book to achieve broader life goals
  • And, always, selling more books and increasing your income as an author

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Sharon Woodhouse | Conspire Creative

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