October 25, 2017
President's Message -   Elaine Wiant

Hello LWV-TX Advocate,

This is a special election edition of the LWV-TX Action News! We have so many cool resources to share with you and we are asking each of you to share them with all of your friends, colleagues, and neighbors.

Research on the best practices for voter education and mobilization shows that gentle social pressure combined with personalized engagement of potential voters is most effective in getting people out to the polls. Letting potential voters know that someone is paying attention to whether or not they vote is key! Tell them that others like them (you!) have committed to voting and promise to follow up with them after the election. Click here for more information is on the GOTV best practices.

Thank you for your dedication! We are Making Democracy Work® in Texas!  
Communications Report  -  Grace Chimene, Vice President
Constitutional Amendment Election Video Voters Guide!
LWV-TX recruits the most awesome interns and staff! Below you will find a bunch of very short videos - less than 2 minutes - on the Texas Constitution, the November 7th election, and proposed amendments that appear on the Nov. 7th ballot. Great team work to make these happen! Interns, former interns, volunteers, staff and former staff all participate in taking the information from the Constitutional Amendment Voters Guide to produce these videos.

Watch them! SHARE them!
  • Send them to your friends, colleagues, and family!
  • Post them on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media!
  • Share the videos from the LWV-TX Facebook page!
Education  Nancy Parra, Vice President
Click on the images above to see the Constitutional Amendment Voters Guides!
Voters Impacted by Harvey

  • If you had one of the accepted photo IDs, but no longer have it, you may vote with one of the alternative forms of ID. You will sign the affidavit and vote a regular ballot.

  • If you are temporarily staying in a county where you are not registered to vote, you may submit an application for ballot by mail to your county's election office. It must be received no later than October 27, 2017. You will need to provide a mailing address which is outside of your home Texas county.

  • You may choose to register to vote in the county where you are now residing if you intend to stay in the new county. The deadline to register is October 10, 2017.

  • You may vote a "limited ballot" during early voting in the county where you are currently residing. Limited ballot voting is only available at the main early voting location in the county. The limited ballot will include the constitutional amendment election. Voting a limited ballot in the new county has the effect of registering the voter in the new county.

  • As a last resort, if you no longer have any form of acceptable ID, you may vote a provisional ballot. You have six days to go to your county registrar's office and complete affidavit swearing to the natural disaster.
Voting App

The Texas League is partnering with ThinkVoting again this election. The mobile-friendly app allows voters an easy and accessible way to locate voter information in any election. It is designed to increase political engagement and participation among voters, particularly among young voters. The app is currently available on the Apple Store and Google Play.