March 2022

MEETINGS February 2022:

Collier County Commission
City of Napes Council
City of Marco Island Council
Welcome to the CBIA monthly "Construction Briefs" designed to give members a snapshot of construction-related development approvals, amendments, and resolutions relating to the building industry at our county commissioner and city council meetings. We hope you find this information helpful and please email any comments and/or suggestions to
CBIA at: info@cbia.net.
Collier County Board of Commissioner Meetings
BCC Meeting: 02/08/22

Voted (unanimously): Allow internal and external candidates to apply for the County Manager position.
BCC Meeting: 02/22/22

Voted to Approve (unanimous): Recommendations to address housing affordability relative to the following directives:

  •  Place $20 million in Housing Trust Fund from the sales surtax for land acquisition.
  •  Identify county-owned and potential parcels for the county to purchase using infrastructure sales tax revenue to support the development of affordable/workforce housing.
  •  Provide research on millage equivalency to support the development of affordable housing.
  •  Bring back recommendations for hiring a consultant to provide a nexus study for linkage fees for affordable housing.
  •  Evaluate the potential for public/private partnership with local municipalities, school district, fire departments, etc. to provide for the potential development of affordable housing.
  • Provide a legal analysis on impact fee waivers for affordable housing.
  • Review how the county is managing and expending current impact fees.

A special BCC meeting will be scheduled to further discuss and potentially vote on recommendations moving forward. CBIA will ensure your voice is
heard as decisions are made.
Voted (4-1): Not to use a consulting firm to hire the next county manager. BCC will rely on the H.R. department to once again handle the search.

Starting 3/6/2022, the GMD Public Portal will not be accepting non-Self-Issuing building permit applications and revision submittals on Sundays and Holidays.

Only Self-Issuing permit applications will be available. Non-Self-Issuing building permit applications and Revision submittals will only be available Monday through Saturday.
To learn more about how to apply for a Self-Issuing permit: 
UPCOMING BCC MEETINGS: 03/08 and 03/22/22

Joint Meeting with Marco Island City Council is scheduled for 03/01/22.
City of Naples Council Meetings
City Council Meeting - 02/16/22

Voted (unanimous) Councilman Mike McCabe elected as Vice-Chair.
Voted to Approve (unanimous): Fire Prevention and Protection, Amending chapter 24, Article III, Standards, Division 1, generally sections 24-81, 24-88, 24-90 of the Naples Code of Ordinances.
Voted to Approve (unanimous): Second Reading of the ordinance relating to parking, amending chapter 50 Development and Design Standards Article 4, parking and loading. Note Section 50-102 b2. Council added, "not available to new development."
City Council Workshop: Council Priorities
Upcoming City Council Meetings: 03/02 and 03/23/22
City of Marco Island Council Meetings
Marco Island City Council Meeting - 02/22/22

Voted to Approve (unanimous): Resolution to adopt new permit fees schedule.
Upcoming Marco Island City Council Meetings: 03/07 and 03/21/22
County Builder Round Table
3:30-4:30 p.m., 03/09, Via Zoom
City Builder Round Table
3:30-4:30 p.m., 04/26, Via Zoom
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