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Welcome to the first of our CBIA monthly "Construction Briefs" designed to give members a snapshot of construction-related development approvals, amendments, and resolutions relating to the building industry at our county commissioner and city council meetings. We hope you find this information helpful and please email any comments and/or suggestions to
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Collier County Board of Commissioner Meetings
BCC Meeting:12/14/21

-Adopted (unanimously) an amendment to Ordinance 2005-44, the “Collier County Litter, Weed, and Exotics Control Ordinance,” regulating the use, stockpiling or accumulation of construction and demolition debris and other inert waste material.
-Adopted (unanimously) an ordinance amending Ordinance 89-05 of the Collier County Growth Management Plan of the unincorporated area of Collier County to create the Private Property Rights Element as required by state law. 
-Adopted (4-1 with McDaniel the dissenting vote) to accept staff’s progress update and path moving forward for the Golden Gate Golf Course project and anticipated timeline for golf course construction. 

-Approved (unanimously) Second Amended and Restated Bentley Village Redevelopment Agreement between the Collier County Board of County Commissioners and CC-Naples, Inc., a Delaware Corporation (the “Owner”), for the partial redevelopment of the Bentley Village.

Upcoming BCC meetings: 01/11, 01/25, 2022

City of Naples Council Meetings
City Council Meeting: 12/15/21

-Approved (unanimously) an ordinance relating to landscape requirement in public right-of-way amending appendix C, City of Naples Standards Handbook, providing for landscaping restrictions and allowance criteria for plantings within the public rights-of-way. the landscape criteria shall be re-evaluated one year following adoption.
-Approved (unanimously) amending Chapter 46, Administration, Procedures and Enforcement, Article II, Administrative Procedures, of the Code of Ordinances specifically relating to noticing requirements: 
-Approved (5-2 with McCabe and Heitmann voting against) preliminary and final plat approval for 4.55 acres of property located in Naples Square Planned Development, establishing the Naples Square Commercial South subdivision, and dividing the subject property into three new tracts. new subdivision will create three new Tracts (Tract C-1, Tract C-2 and Tract C-3) with an easement for the extension of 12th Street South, providing access internally to the parcels.

-Approved (unanimously) site plan petition proposing two (2) new condominium buildings containing a total of 36 residential dwelling units and an amenity building with a swimming pool within the Bayfront Planned Development. 
City Council Meeting 12/01/21

-Approved (unanimously) an ordinance amending Chapter 58, Zoning, Article II, Zoning Districts, Division 30, D Downtown, Section 58-912(3)a, General Standards of Code of Ordinances; approving Text Amendment (21-T7) to specify 12 feet is the minimum ceiling height for first floor structures measured from the structure’s main ceiling. Section 58-912(3)a of the Code of Ordinances provides general standards for façade design in the D-Downtown zoning district. “(3) Facade design. a. General standards:
Upcoming Naples City Council Meetings: 01/18, 01/19 & 01/24, 2022
City of Marco Island Council Meetings
Marco Island City Council Meeting 12/06/21

-Approved (unanimously) a change to Section 30-435 to add a Section Regarding Synthetic Turf Material and Installation Standards.  
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