JUNE 2022

MEETINGS June 2022:

Collier County Commission
City of Napes Council
City of Marco Island Council
Welcome to the CBIA monthly "Construction Briefs" designed to give members a snapshot of construction-related development approvals, amendments, and resolutions relating to the building industry at our county commissioner and city council meetings. We hope you find this information helpful and please email any comments and/or suggestions to
CBIA at: info@cbia.net.
Collier County Board of Commissioner Meetings
BCC Meeting: 06/14/22

Voted (unanimous): Amy Patterson was selected to serve as county manager. Click here to read more about our new county manager.
BCC Meeting: 06/28/22

Voted (unanimous): To postpone until 071222 BCC meeting re: address housing initiatives to allow affordable housing by right in certain commercial zoning districts with a sunset date; to increase density for affordable housing; to establish a Strategic Opportunity Sites Subdistrict, and to increase density for affordable housing projects along Collier Area Transit routes; specifically amending the Future Land Use Element and Future Land Use Map; Golden Gate City Sub-Element of Golden Gate Area Master Plan Element and Future Land Use Map; the Immokalee Area Master Plan Element and Future Land Use Map.
Voted (unanimous): Accept a proposal to provide a public information meeting after 5:30 p.m. (date TBD) to make up for a previously held NIM in which several audience members disrupted the meeting.
BCC will be on break from July 13-September 12, 2022.
City of Naples Council Meetings
City Council Meeting: 06/01/22

Voted (unanimous): Tyler Quenby became Planning Advisory Board alternate member. See Quenby's application below.
City Council Meeting: 06/13/22
Discussion-Relating to Planned Developments: Upon extensive discussion council requested staff bring back this topic in a workshop which should include the following (1) bring back potential changes based upon council input (2) provide council with a current list of PD's/PUD's in the city (3) provide to council five or six examples of other city models to review. See staff initial memo below:
Discussion: Parking Regulations will potentially have ramifications for construction in Naples. Click here for staff memo highlighting potential changes discussed.
Discussion: Building Height measurements were discussed. McCabe would like to change building height measurements which are calculated from FEMA to 18" above crown of road. Following extensive discussion, council requested county manager work with staff over the summer and bring back to council for potential changes. See staff memo below:
City Council Meeting: 06/15/22
Voted: 4-3 (Heitmann, Hutchison, McCabe, Petrunoff in favor, Blankenship, Christman, Perry opposed) Ordinance relating to building heights amending chapter 44, section 44-8.
Voted: (unanimous) To deny the petition for a combination of two single-family lots in the R1-10 resident district.
Voted (unanimous): Adoption 2022 Update of the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan.
Voted (unanimous): To postpone discussion of family bike loop to fall, 2022.

Click below to view Updated Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan.
Voted (Passed 6-1 with McCabe dissenting): To postpone the second reading of and ordinance relating to appeals from decisions of the Design Review Board and clarifications of notice requirements. Also voted to postpone a related resolution to amend procedures relating to appeals from the Design Review Board decisions until after the summer date. No specific date for these items to come before council was determined.
City Council is on break from June 16-August 14, 2022.
City of Marco Island Council Meetings

Marco Island City Council Meeting: 06/20/22
Growth Management Update Report
Marco Island City Council will be on break through July and August, 2022.
County Builder Round Table
August 10th
3:30-4:30 p.m., Via Zoom
City Builder Round Table
August 23rd
3:30-4:30 p.m., Via Zoom
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