Downtown 1st Avenue East Projects
1st Avenue East
2nd Street - 5th Street

  • Raised medians
  • Flashing pedestrian signals
  • ADA audible message, locator tones
  • Decorative fencing, landscaping and parking restrictions to reduce unsafe mid-block pedestrian crossings
  • Trail and crosswalk move from the west side of the railroad tracks to the east side
  • Removal of in-road warning lights
1st Avenue East
6th Street - 10th Street

  • Partnership with MedQuarter
  • Decorative parkway pavers
  • Tree planting 
  • Decorative parking lot screening
  • Street light upgrading
  • Landscaping and benches
  • Asphalt, curb, and gutter repairs
  • sidewalk and ADA improvements
  • New or modified traffic signals
  • New northbound lanes on 8th Street for easier I-380 access
City of Cedar Rapids Public Works Department 500 15th Avenue SW | 319.286.5802