Welcome to our construction zone

After many months of waiting for building permits, we are happy to report that construction on the old Chevy Chase Pharmacy space is now moving along at a clip. We know that curious minds want to know what's happening and when, so here's a quick summary:

  • We are creating a new studio space for Circle Yoga, with improved accessibility, a little more room for practice, an extra bathroom, high ceilings, and ceiling fans.

  • Renovation should be complete on the pharmacy space later in October, and we expect to begin using it for classes in January.

As part of this project, we will make some changes to the existing first floor of Circle Yoga:

  • The existing office area to the right of the front desk will be relocated to create more space for students to store shoes and coats.

  • Studio 1 will be divided to create a smaller studio space (for private sessions and smaller classes), a hallway that leads to the new studio, and a small office area.

  • The existing women's dressing room will be divided into two private dressing rooms.

The construction crew is doing their best to minimize noise while classes are in session, but you can certainly expect to hear some work happening on weekday mornings and afternoons. Thanks for your patience while they're working hard to get the job done.

Welcome (back), CYC Board Members!

Thanks to the students, teachers, and staff who attended the Annual Meeting of Circle Yoga Cooperative on Sunday, Sept. 22. And thanks to everyone who voted for representatives to the Circle Yoga Board of Directors. Jody Jose will return for another term as a student representative, and Johanna Derlega (staff), Mercedes Santos (teacher), and Yael Flusberg (teacher) are all returning for another term as worker representatives. It's been a very busy year for the board, and these board members are eager to continue their great work.
PHOTO: CYC Board Members, top row (L to R): Jody Jose, Mercedes Santos, Cinema Wood, and Yael Flusberg; bottom row (L to R): Annie Mahon, Jen Pape, and Johanna Derlega; not pictured: Anna Callon
Support the Cooperative

At our annual meeting on Sunday, we were again reminded of how lucky we are to practice, teach, and work at a cooperative like Circle Yoga. Our goal is to be a sustainable local enterprise that provides excellent classes for students and fair wages and a supportive environment for teachers and staff. With an active board of elected students, teachers, and staff, we are constantly working to refine our business policies and practices in ways that support our mission .
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