Construction Update

We are pleased to report that the level of construction activity at the Fiberight/Coastal site is really picking up. 

The subgrade concrete placement is nearly complete, and the crews have begun pouring the floor slab. 

Concrete pour last week. 

JN Brown has finished the building roof and siding (except the roof portion that the Pulper will be craned in from).  Cianbro crews have been placing interior lighting and the overhead duct bank to support the odor control system.   CP Manufacturing stands ready to deliver and begin installation of the MRF in early July. 

At the VIP tour in June, Fiberight announced that the back-end equipment is on the way to the Coastal facility.   
Left to right: Tunnel Washer in assembly, the Pulping Drum is currently en route from Ireland, and the Anaerobic Digester is in Brewer. 

For more information from Fiberight including how to sign-up for the next tour of the Coastal facility click here to view their latest newsletter. 

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