My friends in Christ,

As you look out Kenny Hall, you will see a shallow pit of dirt where the old Hyland Center used to stand. It was bittersweet to see it go, but I am happy to share with you today all the ways that it continues to live on.  As you may have read in the Georgia Bulletin, it was important for us to salvage and re-use as much as possible from our old Hyland Center, partially for sentimental reasons, but mostly so we can be good stewards of our resources. 

We were able to salvage much of the limestone for re-use on the new Hyland Center and a portion of the gym floor will be transformed into a backdrop for Masses and special events.
Through our partnership with Lifecycle Building Center, door frames, toilets, furniture, and other materials received a second life with grassroots community outreach programs. In addition, 89% of debris was recycled into other usable construction materials. In June alone, 1,324 tons of concrete were crushed and recycled into quality, reusable construction aggregate. 

Since the building has come down, the contractors have been hauling dirt off for use on other sites as they make room for the new below-ground gymnasium. I thank you for your patience during this time as the alley and portions of Peachtree Way have had to be blocked off for construction. 

Since announcing our challenge grant of $500,000 from the Lettie Pate Evans Foundation, we have continued to receive generous gifts helping us reach our fundraising goal of $30 million goal. As a reminder, we need to reach this goal by December 1st to receive the $500,000 grant. Gifts of all sizes are welcomed and encouraged. 

I will continue to keep you updated of the progress of the construction and our capital campaign. If you have any questions regarding the construction plans, please email
Yours in Christ,

Monsignor Mc

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