My friends in Christ,

I am excited to share that the construction is progressing well. New South Construction has already completed the abatement and demolition of the windows, and will continue to remove the exterior limestone for reuse on the new Hyland Center. 
Through the assistance of Life Cycle Building Center, there have been a significant amount of items that are being re-purposed for use in grassroots community outreach programs.  Prior to abatement and demolition operations, Life Cycle was able to salvage old chairs, tables, doors and hardware, cabinets, sinks, toilets, fire extinguishers, old kitchen equipment and even the handicapped ramp that was located along E. Wesley Rd! T he tables and chairs have already been spoken for by a few local organizations, including one that intends to ship some to Africa to help facilitate the setup of new schools.  Additionally, Life Cycle is also looking at utilizing the handicapped ramp to assist in bringing their building into code compliance so more organizations can shop their inventory. 

During this time we will have many workers on campus and I want to assure you that our top priority is to ensure that everyone on or around the construction is safe at all times.

As an example of New South's dedication to safety, every worker has completed a background check and is required to go through a site orientation daily, including a safety briefing, before they can begin working on site.  After completion of the orientation each worker is given a site specific sticker that has a unique number so that any reported issues can be tracked.

In addition, New South has installed a safety fence and gate to ensure that the site is fully contained as well as a safety path and new pedestrian gate to access E. Wesley. 

Thank you for  your patience and cooperation as we endure changes to our normal routine throughout the construction process.  If you have any questions regarding the construction plans, please email
Yours in Christ,

Monsignor Mc

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