Johnson Avenue NW       

Construction Update:
We wanted to provide you with an update on the project currently underway on Johnson Avenue NW.

An unseasonably cold spring, several utility delays and several months' worth of excessive rain has compelled us to complete the segment between Shelley Lane and Wesley Drive next spring, instead of this winter.

During the next month, work will focus on completing the current construction area and making winter preparations, which will include placing temporary pavement surfaces so the road is open during the winter.

Cold temperatures will be bearing down on us by the end of the week, but contractors are still going to push forward with trying to complete driveways and side-street connections before winter.  They will also be trying to place sidewalk on the south side of the new paving between Wiley Blvd and Wellesley Ct. 

Cold temperatures may slow the work down, but when the temperatures are warm enough to allow concrete placement crews will attempt to do so. 

As always, thank you for your patience!

Boomerang Corporation (Formerly named Ricklefs) 
Cory Elwick
Cell: (319) 480-8184

City Construction Inspectors
Jeremy Blok
(319) 775-3386

Eric Bahl
(319) 286-5531


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