Greetings residents of Marshfield. 

The Senior Center Expansion project is moving along on schedule.  The first floor is completely framed, the new elevator shaft is completed and the carpenters are laying down the decking for the floor of level two. Exciting times at the COA!

Meanwhile, the delivery of roof trusses are expected by the end of the month and of course the second floor walls will be completed and sheathed with exterior ZIP panels to receive the trusses. The existing building meanwhile, is getting a new roof. The roofers will finish that portion of the upgrades around the time the trusses will arrive.  We aim to flow right into the addition from the existing structure. The site work septic upgrades are completed, as well as all the new storm drain collectors.  Together, these systems will provide better environmental conditions for waste and storm water.

In the next month, the structure should be completely framed and the roofing begun. Following, will be the window installation and the beginning of interior trades, beginning with electrical (when roof and windows are installed), HVAC, and plumbing trades.  

Despite the pandemic, the project is on schedule and below appropriation. This will be another great asset to the Town of Marshfield.
What is a ZIP panel?  ZIP panels are Structural Plywood, so you can get shear strength to meet seismic and high-wind-zone requirements.  An Integrated Water-Resistive Barrier to keep bulk water out but allowing water vapor to pass through, ZIP sheathing achieves a delicate balance of water protection and drying potential.
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