Greetings Residents, guests and taxpayers.

Your new 11,000 square foot Senior Center is nearing completion!  There is a plethora of exciting activity happening behind the barriers.

The new parking lot final pavement will begin September 22nd.  Please be aware, the Center will be closing during this milestone event to ensure an efficient and thorough job.

Shortly after the pavement is completed, the final railings, striping and landscaping will occur on the exterior of the building. 

On the interior, it is an entirely different collection of events.  The corridor in the original building will be receiving new carpet and paint, to match the new wing, in the next few weeks.  The color palette is so inviting.  The ceiling grids have been completed on the second floor and have started on the first floor.  Final painting on 2nd floor will begin in the next several weeks, along with the finish flooring.

The new Café is looking stunning, with its circular soffit and fireplace.  The mechanical and electrical contractors are busy installing light switches and lighting all over the building.  The new emergency generator is up and running this week, ready for all those pesky Nor-easters that are just around the corner. 

The final millwork has been arriving steadily and we couldn’t be happier with the final feel of each space designed by your building committee.  Make sure you thank them for their countless hours of volunteering.
Any Questions, Comments or Concerns
Please contact Anna McGunigle