Issue 6.15
April 10, 2020
Join us on April 14
We are continuing to provide first-hand information and updates to the business community as we navigate these uncertain times. Mark your calendar for another call on Tuesday, April 14 from 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm with:

  • Janice Nevin, M.D., MPH, President & CEO, ChristianaCare
  • Terry M. Murphy, FACHE, President & CEO, Bayhealth

Janice and Terry will discuss what their hospital systems are experiencing and seeing as well as insight as we enter the most challenging two-week period.

We are asking everyone to pre-register in order to receive the dial information.

If you would like to submit a question to be asked during the call, please email it to Kelly Basile at .
Saint Francis is seeking partners & donations
Items especially needed include: 
  •   Regular protective face masks 
  •   N95 masks 
  •   Face shields 
  •   Gowns 
  •   Surgical caps/protective caps 
  •   Eyeglass shields/goggles 
  •   Nasal testing swabs 
  •   Lysol or Clorox wipes 
  •   Hand sanitizer

"We know that businesses, schools, and other organizations may have these types of cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment, and may be willing to donate them to this greater cause," said Dan Sinnott, President and CEO of Saint Francis Healthcare. "We have been so moved by the generous donations made by so many already, and we are inspired to continue caring for this community as we have for 95 years. Together, we will survive this battle."

Individuals or organizations who are able to support Saint Francis should contact Gina Kennedy . In addition, donations are being accepted at the loading dock at Saint Francis (behind the hospital on DuPont St.) Monday-Friday, 8 am to 4 pm. Online gifts can be made here .
Virtual events and resources around the state
The State Chamber has a member events calendar where it is free for DSCC members to post and promote their workshops and resource calls. Contact Helana Rodriguez for more information on how to submit your member event.
Find workshops, networking, seminars, special events and more that could be the key to your business’s next big step. The Division of Small Business has a Small Business Calendar that includes events hosted across the state by dozens of organizations.
The Small Business Administration's Delaware District office is providing daily informational updates and a forum for small businesses to ask questions.

10:30 am info call on Zoom | Meeting ID: #679-477-2946

3:00pm info call on Skype
Dial: 202-765-1264 | Pin: 827-299-626#

5:30pm info call on Skype
Dial: 202-765-1264 | Pin: 310-688-488#

8:00pm info call on Zoom | Meeting ID: #679-477-2946
Report on Employer Firms Based on the 2020 Small Business Credit Survey
The publication of this report comes at a particularly challenging time for our nation’s small business sector. Small businesses across the country are grappling with the profound impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their operations and on their owners’ and employees’ livelihoods. As policymakers and service providers begin to enact programs to help firms weather the economic challenges, insights about the financial position of small businesses can provide a useful perspective on how best to target funds and services.

Fielded in Q3 and Q4, the Delaware State Chamber partnered with the Federal Reserve Banks to put out the Small Business Credit Survey. The report offers baseline data on the financing and credit positions of small firms before the onset of the crisis. The survey findings provide insights into firms’ preparedness to withstand the shock, their existing debt levels, and the actions they may take in response to an unexpected loss of revenues. Read more

The results raise several important considerations in the current environment:
  1. Most firms are ill prepared for a sustained period of revenue loss.
  2. Firms’ reliance on personal funds could mean severe repercussions for those individuals and households in the event of failure.
  3. Many small businesses do not rely on traditional banks for credit, and, therefore, any program designed to support them should take that into consideration.
“Among the businesses classified as essential in Governor Carney’s State of Emergency are highway and road construction, building construction, utilities, engineering and other professional services,” Charles "C.R." McLeod said in an interview with Delaware State News. “Currently there are dozens of active construction and engineering projects across the state and more beginning in the weeks ahead. Construction projects provide thousands of jobs in our state, and we want these projects to continue while ensuring the health and safety of the workers. The construction industry also helps the state’s restaurants, convenience stores and fueling stations."
DelDOT preparing for major project to restore the I-95 Corridor through Wilmington

In 1956, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the Federal Aid Highway Act into law, setting into motion a project in Delaware to construct nearly 24 miles of highway that would become part of the east coast’s Interstate 95. By 1964, the interstate had been constructed through Wilmington, and now almost 60 years later, this section is showing its age and needs extensive rehabilitation.

What will happen in 2021? Beginning in March 2021, DelDOT will undertake a major rehabilitation project to “restore the corridor” in Wilmington. Read More
Public Art in Public Projects
Throughout history art has always played a key role in our built environment. This trend began more than 44,000 years ago with cave paintings and remained in the forefront of structures including the hieroglyph carvings of ancient Egypt, religious sculptures of Classical Greece, and ceiling paintings of the High Renaissance, such as the Sistine Chapel. While incorporating art into architecture has not stopped it can be argued that it has greatly diminished over the last century. Some may ask “Why is it important to maintain public art?” Read more

I didn't mean to fail my kids, but I think I did. I had the best of intentions. I taught them the lessons I learned from my parents, and from my peers. So, maybe it’s their fault! What did I do? Nothing, that’s the problem. It’s what I didn’t do that’s important. I didn’t fully inform them of their career choices. But I’m not alone. Across the country we are suffering the ills of misplaced intentions, just like mine. The result? Compounding debt, a depleted workforce, and a frustrated educational system. Read more
April 7 was Great American Buy Local Day to support local businesses, the communities they serve, and the millions of people they employ. Even though Delawareans must socially distance themselves right now, there are still ways to support local businesses by shopping online, buying gift cards, utilizing services of essential companies, referring a friend, or leaving a positive review online. To join in on this movement, the State Chamber created the #DSCCLocalSwagChallenge to encourage Delawareans to give local businesses online love!
In Case You Missed It
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Founder Sam Calagione shows how they’re now bottling growlers of hand sanitizer to help the community. He also has a few tips for other businesses who are looking for a way to pitch in. Watch video
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