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August, 2017 - Our 198th Edition

Published Since 2005

Construction’s High Employee Turnover

A Significant Barrier  to  Increasing Productivity
and What to Do About It

By Matt Stevens Ph.D. and Jennifer E. Day Ph.D.

Construction employment turnover is approximately twice the percentage of most other industries. In each of the past ten years, both hires and separations are more than 50% of employment in the construction industry. Manufacturing’s rate is half that percentage. See Table 1 and 2. We believe that its effect is a substantial barrier to increasing construction productivity.

Managing a Construction Firm on Just 24 Hours a Day
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The Construction MBA
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The Best Industry in the United States

By Matt Stevens Ph.D.

As most parents have experienced, my children have asked about industries and careers. They have made me think further about what construction contracting has to offer. I have concluded it is the best career a young person could choose. You may not believe it, but the facts will show our business is unmatched. It offers participants long-term advantages. However, many people will argue. Let me share with you a dozen career benefits our industry possesses. You be the judge.

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