Seminole Valley Road      

Construction Update: 4-21-17
Paving for Progress improvements will begin on Seminole Valley Road NE on Monday, April 24 .

The timeline is ambitious as we work to complete the project by this fall.

Due to the constraints of the project, it will be necessary to reduce traffic to one lane with one direction of travel permitted at a time (yield control). 

During these periods, flaggers and/or a traffic signal will be put in place to guide traffic. 

Crews will be on site monitoring the project, and a City construction inspector will also be assigned to the project to help monitor progress and identify any issues. 


Two sections will begin around the same time: 
  • From south of Cottage Hill Lane to approximately 1,000 feet north of Cottage Hill Lane. This work will include paving a temporary access road for residents, storm sewer pipe crossings, grading, water main, and minor sidewalk work. 
  • From Fords Crossing Road to High County Drive. This work will include storm sewer pipe crossings, grading, water main, sanitary sewer, paving, and sidewalk infill on the side streets. 
When completed this fall, Seminole Valley from  Fords Crossing to 42nd Street will include new roadway, paved shoulders, sanitary sewer extension, water main, and sidewalk infill.

We appreciate in advance everyone's  patience and collaboration as we work on these improvements.  

R athje Construction 

City Construction Inspector
Ben Matt