E Avenue NW       

Construction Update: 12-18-18
Crews have recently paved and re-opened E Avenue NW between Rockvalley Lane and Highway 100, as well as the intersection of Blue Stone St/Limerock Drive. Traffic can safely use the road over the winter months. The City will continue to plow the road and treat it with sand to aid in traction during snow fighting efforts, but will not use salt application to help preserve the new concrete, which has not had time to fully cure.

The project is in its winter shut down phase, and will begin again in spring 2019.

Next year, crews will begin work on storm sewer construction along Stoney Point Road; the street will remain open to two way traffic. Once weather allows, they will also finish up the concrete work that remains on E Avenue between Highway 100 and the intersection of Limerock Drive and Blue Stone Street. Traffic impacts next year at this intersection will be similar to work that took place this year.

Once E Avenue is open from the intersection of Limerock Drive and Blue Stone Street to Highway 100, crews will tackle the pavement reconstruction on Stoney Point Road, between E Avenue and the entrance to the Cherry Hill Aquatic Center. We will want to complete a short section of Stoney Point Road at the Cherry Hill Park entrance and reopen it before the summer swim season really kicks off.  However, Stoney Point Road from the Cherry Hill Park entrance to the E Avenue is expected to be closed the majority of the summer.

Construction of the roundabout at E Avenue NW and Stoney Point Road will begin after the end of the school year, to ensure access remains open for families commuting to Taft Middle School.

Weather permitting, the goal is to have all the street pavement done in time for the start of school in August of 2019.

We will send additional updates and notifications before the work starts up again in the spring.
Thank you for your patience as we work to complete this project!

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City Construction Inspector
Jeremy Blok