Oakland Road / Center Point Road      

Construction Update: 10-29-18
Reminder: Two Way Traffic Begins October 31 on Oakland Road

On Wednesday, October 31, Oakland Rd NE between H Ave and 32nd St will be fully open to two-way traffic. 

Please use caution during the first few days of this transition: 
  • Reduce your speed
  • Use extra caution when exiting your driveway
  • Look both ways

  • On-street parking remains on the west side of Oakland Rd
  • Please park facing southbound (toward H Ave)

Why Two-Way?
We sometimes receive questions on why we are converting certain streets. Two-way street conversions are being considered on many existing one-way streets for several reasons, primarily safety, efficiency, and convenience. 

Safety: One-way streets - especially if they have multiple travel lanes - often encourage higher traffic speeds due to motorists' ability to pass a slower vehicle, creating unsafe conditions for residential or downtown environments. 

Efficiency: One-way streets are outdated, and often do not support today's traffic volumes on the roadway. Built decades ago before the construction of the interstate, one-way streets were often used to move high volumes of commuter traffic. Today, a large volume of traffic has been pulled off these streets and onto I-380, enabling residential or downtown streets to better serve local destinations.

Convenience: Two-way streets are easier to navigate, and cut down on the time it takes to navigate to your destination. Traffic no longer has to make "loops" around one-way streets, but can take the shortest, more direct route to a home or business.

Project Manager
Jennifer Selby

Rathje Construction Co.

City Construction Inspector
Jeremy Bauswell