Northwood Drive Improvements        

Construction Update: 6-22-17

Many of the improvements on Northwood Drive have moved into Phase 2, including the pavement, new sidewalk installation, and sidewalk ramp improvements. Utility work is also ongoing. 

You will continue to see large earth-moving equipment as crews work to gain access to the water main or other important utility lines that need to be re-connected to your homes.
Weather has been favorable so far this year, and the project is on schedule.
Please continue to place your garbage and recycling containers out in their usual locations, so the contractor can coordinate their pick-up. As work continues on driveways, the contractor will work to put down a temporary rock bed whenever possible, so that property owners remain with access to their homes when possible.
Thank you for your patience as we continue this project. 

Rathje Construction Co.

City Construction Inspector
Ron "McGee" Deitrich