Seminole Valley Road      

Construction Update: 9-28-17
The contractor continues to make good progress on construction. Crews continue to work on a variety of project components in the Seminole Valley area: pavement, storm sewer, grading, and sidewalk work all continues on Seminole Valley, from Cottage Hill Ln to 42nd Street.

The three temporary traffic signals will continue to remain in place in the weeks ahead to help ensure motorists can safely alternate on the one lane road. 

Since there has been a reduction in the number of lanes, some congestion is anticipated, as more vehicles are trying to access the area during peak hours. 

Staff have been monitoring the signals and have adjusted the timing to provide additional travel time during the morning and evening commutes. They will continue to review and determine if additional adjustments can be made to help improve traffic flow. 

We appreciate everyone's patience.

R athje Construction 

City Construction Inspector
Ben Matt