Construction workers now eligible for COVID-19 test - here's how to get yours
This week’s Construction Index reported Matt Hancock saying:

"Any worker who needs to leave their home in order to go to work, and their households, if any of them have symptoms can also get a test. This means construction workers to emergency plumbers…can now be tested. All they need to do is go on the internet and apply for a test."
The government have apparently outlined two ways to arrange a test:

  • Self-referral – this enables workers and members of their households who have symptoms to book a test directly using the online system

  • Employer referral – this allows employers to refer workers for a test via a secure portal. Here, employers will need to obtain a login first by sending an email to with their organisation name, nature of their business, region, and names and email addresses for two users. Build UK advises that contractors may find it more efficient for clients already registered for their essential workers to request the test on their behalf.

Full details about how to arrange coronavirus tests can be found on the Gov.UK website:

Construction workers finally accepted as 'key workers'

Unite assistant general secretary Gail Cartmail is said to have concluded in a letter to Mr Hancock earlier this week:

"Government needs to understand that construction workers have travelled to and from work amongst these other key workers and will continue to do so. For testing to be effective within the key worker group construction workers must be included.”

It is understood to follow the announcement last week that all essential workers with symptoms can now book a coronavirus test, or order a home testing kit, using the new online portal.

We hear there are now more than 40 drive-through testing sites across the country, and, by the end of the week, 25,000 home testing kits will be available for ordering every day and 70 mobile testing units will be in operation.
To read the full article go to The Construction Index here .
The coronavirus crisis has resulted in severe difficulties for many right across the construction sector as everyone adapts to an unprecedented situation.

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