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Building Owner Seeks Help with Extraordinary Challenge
When building owner and architect, Zsolt Vamosi, approached JZ Companies about creating a new medical office space in his existing building, we knew there would be challenges.  The space was leased to Orthodontist, Dr. Terry Gruelle, DMD, MS.  The first and largest challenge became apparent when the design for his new reception area required the elimination of a load-bearing wall.  The wall was holding a load of 3� tons per linear foot. Yes,tons


Some construction companies would strongly discourage their removal, others would install a very heavy, very expensive steel I beam to carry the load.    


We wanted to give our client and his tenant EXACTLY what they wanted while controlling costs - one seamless, clean and beautiful waiting room from what was originally two small rooms separated by a hallway.  It took time and careful analysis, but we finally devised the perfect solution: two very capable, but much less expensive steel C channel beams.  Genius. 


The overall weight was much more manageable than the alternative steel I beams, but at close to 300-lbs each, it still presented a degree of difficulty.  It took a total of four days work and a lot of muscle (yes, we've got great subcontractors for that), not to mention a good deal of finesse and expertise.   It was a kind of surgery, but with bigger tools.  For four days, the JZ team operated with calm confidence while 3� tons balanced above their heads. No pressure.


The challenge at this point was getting the two C channels into place without creating any deflection (movement) in the structure on the second floor and roof. Our subcontractor lifted the channels into place, bolted them together through the wall, welded the steel C channels to the three columns (one on each end and one in the middle) and removed the block under the channel to open the space. 

"We have a great team of hard working, talented people. That's what sets our company apart and makes projects like this possible," said project manager, Angela Peterson.

The removal of this wall was just the first step of a much larger project creating a suite of offices for Dr. Gruelle's orthodontic practice. The end result is a beautiful, spacious, structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing office space and one happy client with a few extra dollars in his pocket.  Not bad for a day (or four) at the office.


Making the Scene

Dayton is now home to Scene 75, the largest indoor entertainment center in the country thanks, in part, to Jeff Samuelson of JZ Companies.


The project included 124,000-square-feet of arcade games, restaurant/bar, indoor go-kart track and attractions.  The approval process with the City of Vandalia building department presented unique challenges precisely because it is a unique facility.  Scene75 Entertainment Center contracted Samuelson to guide the project through this complex approval process.


"Jeff has a vast knowledge of Ohio building codes and strong practical knowledge stemming from his general contractor experience and architectural background," Contractor Hiram Gutterman said.  


Samuelson's expertise played a major role in obtaining final approvals for this $5 Million dollar project. 


Scene75 is now a very popular destination for residents and tourists alike with crowds typically exceeding 1,000 on weekends with over 57,000 (and growing) Facebook friends.  For more information about Scene75 visit their website at www.scene75.com/ and their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Scene75 


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