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Dear Friends, Leonard Saxe


As some of you may already have seen, we have just published the first issue of a new monthly e-newsletter, JData Revealed. Each month, using information from our JData educational database, the newsletter will focus on a different sector of the Jewish education system.     


The inaugural issue describes our data on Jewish overnight camps, appropriate given that the 2011 season is about to close. Future newsletters will consider the landscape of Jewish day schools, early childhood centers, and congregational and other part-time schools. For each focal area, we will summarize some of the existing data, illustrate how users can access information, and share reflections regarding uses of the data from leaders in the respective fields. We invite you to subscribe and to make use of the information being gathered by JData.


It has been an intense summer and senior researchers at the Center/Institutes have been focused on completing a series of new reports----on the Jewish Futures Project, on socio-demography, and on a variety of Jewish education initiatives. We look forward to announcing the release of several of these publications in the fall. We continue to discuss our findings in the popular press as well. My latest op-ed focuses on "education for all" and how we can think about a system of education that reaches both the most and the least motivated.


Enjoy these final days of summer.



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Leonard Saxe, Ph.D., Director

Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies

Steinhardt Social Research Institute

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With the JData directory you can connect to over 3,000 organizations dedicated to Jewish education. By utilizing research functions, you can analyze data on 10 "key indicators" of the field, including total operating budget and enrollment. See below for one example of "dashboard data" for Summer 2010. 


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 Analysis Graph allows users to conduct research on Jewish educational organizations at their convenience. A user might want to know, for example, the distribution of enrollment among the overnight camps in the summer of 2010. The graph and table below show the output for that query. One can see that the largest percentage of overnight camps (26%) enrolled between 599 and 1000 campers. Note that among the 147 camps currently registered in JData, some are independent or community camps, while others operate under the aegis of a denominational or Zionist movement.

Data is available through "Basic Analysis" in the Research section on


Parameters: ALL Communities | Overnight camp | Year(s): 2010


Total enrollment bar chart Total Enrollment Camps Table 

Retrieved from on 8/23/11, (c)

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