eNews | February 2018
Psychotherapy Consultation
Share your feedback on the Standards
The College has  proposed changes to the Standards for Psychotherapy  and we want to hear from you.

The main changes to the Standards include:
  • an updated definition of psychotherapy;
  • updated content related to the passing of the controlled act of psychotherapy; and,
  • the introduction of three new standards: Supervision of Practice, Supervision of OTs and Other Practitioners, and Use of Title Psychotherapist.

Your feedback will be used to inform any additional changes to the Standards and findings will be presented to Council in June for approval prior to publication. 

The deadline to  submit your feedback  is March 29, 2018 at 4:00pm . We look forward to receiving your comments.
Practice Questions
Read the latest case and find answers
Case Scenario: Client Suicidal Ideation and Privacy
During a follow-up visit for a home safety assessment, Trixie's client Mr. Porter shares that he has recently contemplated ending his life. Mr. Porter even shows Trixie a bottle of prescription pain medication he's been carrying around in his pocket.

Trixie is worried Mr. Porter may seriously hurt himself and wants to report her concerns to an appropriate person, like a relative or family physician. She tries to obtain consent from Mr. Porter before sharing any confidential information that would be needed to assist him, but Mr. Porter refuses and begs her not to tell anyone. What should she do?
Q&A: Telepractice with Clients Outside Ontario
"Can I provide occupational therapy services via Skype for a client who has recently moved to another province until they are able to locate another occupational therapist?"

What do you need to know about telepractice? See our response.
Q&A: Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Audits 
"I am being audited by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). I have been asked to provide documentation that includes personal information for my clients.

College Council Elections
Cast your vote before the polls close!
Voting closes Tuesday, March 6th at 2:00pm
Attention OTs in London, Windsor, Thunder Bay and surrounding areas— there’s only one week left to cast your ballot in the Council election! Your vote can make a difference.

Voting is open for

  • 1 position in District 3 (London, Windsor, and Essex, Bruce, Grey, Chatham-Kent, Lambton, Elgin, Middlesex, Oxford, Huron and Perth areas)
  • 1 position in District 6 (Kenora, Rainy River and Thunder Bay areas).

Voting is online only. All OTs eligible to vote were sent an email with a customized, secure link to complete the electronic voting process. Check your inbox and cast your vote!

If you cannot locate your ballot or have not received your electronic ballot, please contact  elections@coto.org

To learn more about eligibility and Council elections, visit  the College Elections page
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