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1 August 2020

Consumer Mindset Continues to Evolve
What are customers ready to do now?
Every week that passes sees another change in the mindset of consumers. COVID numbers continue to fluctuate, restrictions vary state to state, province to province, country to country. But stores are opening up, business is slowly returning to normal, and consumers are eager to shop.

SmithGeiger, a marketing and research consultancy, and its Elevate division released the results of a recent study giving insight into what customers want to do and buy.

More than half said they intend to shop at a local merchant within a month of restrictions being lifted. Almost half are in line for a hair cut and style. 41% want to have coffee with friends. 37% plan to dine in a restaurant.

We know that being at home made those sheltering keenly aware of home projects that needed to be done. 69% anticipate completing home improvements in the first 6 months after opening.

Schools and universities are also categories that will need help to handle the demand and protocols. 66% of respondents said they plan to enroll in a vocational, technical school or university.

We've been talking to our stations about "staycations". 47% of their sample said they plan on going on a "staycation" within 6 months.

Within 6 months, 56% will be looking for advertising on special deals, 59% still want to know how businesses are keeping them safe with new protocols, and 55% plan to take advantage of good deals.

These insights highlight the categories of business we should be calling on. They also give us information about what our clients' messages should be. Current times require new messages. Customers want to know 1. Are you open? 2. What safety procedures are in place? 3. How can this business help me?

Get rid of the somber music: people are craving normalcy. Consumers are eager to spend. Where they decide to unleash their pent-up demand depends partly on the messages they hear. Radio has led the way in messaging during the past few months. We must continue to do so. Take a look at the categories above. Meet with those businesses. Craft messages that are relevant today. We must be the guides for helping our clients to revive their revenue. Helping our customers to get what they want (more revenue) will help us to get what we want (more revenue). Nice that it works out that way!
The Client's Corner

We would like to congratulate Joyce McCullough for being named the 2019 Businessperson of the Year by the LaSalle Business Association. Joyce was a client of Bryson Broadcasting International for 13 years. She was always a joy to work with and very much a leader in her community.

Joyce joined the News Tribune as an accountant in 1969. She was promoted to general manager of the newspaper in 1993, became its publisher in 2002, and general manager of local radio stations WLPO/WAJK/WLWF in 2003. In 2011 she was promoted to president of the News Tribune and AgriNews as well as broadcast operations, known as Miller Group Media. In 2019 she sold the radio stations to Starved Rock Media but still remains very active in the community and serves as a mentor to many in her field. Congratulations Joyce!
Words to Live By ......
“Amazing things will happen when you listen to the consumer.”
Jonathan Midenhall , CMO of Airbnb ey
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Glenn Smith
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