November 2018
Halloween Carnival Draws Crowd

The Moffat Library of Washingtonville held its Annual Halloween Carnival last Friday, October 26th.  Presented by the Library's Teen Advisory Board for the little ones, the carnival was an exciting event for children & their families, with attendance of over 115 children.

The Carnival itself was planned, prepared and run by the Moffat Library Teen Advisory Board, who began their preparations in September and worked many hours with our head of Youth Services, Emily Kinney, to create this fun program for our little ones! 

The carnival was spread out throughout the library building. Young participants received a goody bag at the entrance and could then proceed to the Cobweb Carnival Maze in the book checkout area and more carnival games in the main adult hall & meeting room, as well as face painting and a photo booth in the Teen Room.

Face painting was a big hit, as well as  the "What Am I Touching" game, where players were given icky and yucky textures to identify in the forms of jello and spaghetti!  At each station, a pumpkin bucket supplied players with all kinds of goodies such as glow sticks, fake tattoos, pencils, stickers and candy as prizes!  

Many thanks to all the teen volunteers
who made this program possible!
Washingtonville: Then and Now

The Friends of the Moffat Library held their Annual Meeting and Presentation at the Library on Wednesday, October 24th.  An annual event, the program  was very well attended with attendance reaching capacity for the library's main meeting room.
At the brief Annual Meeting, the Friends President, Mary Ann Marrero, provided the public and their membership with an overview of the Friends' activities over the past year and then presented  a $2,000 check to Library Board members, Chris Fox & James Casazza, and Library Director, Carol McCrossen, from proceeds raised by the Friends' Used Bookstore over the past year.
The stage was then turned over for the much anticipated presentation, "Washingtonville: Then and Now," given by Blooming Grove Town Historian and Moffat Library Trustee, Jeanne Versweyveld.   
The audience was very receptive to the thoughtfully curated slides of "then and now" pictures of historic structures in the Village of Washingtonville, and appreciated the opportunity to compare modern photographs to vintage photographs and postcards,  deciphering changes that the Village has gone through in the course of more than a century.  A thoroughly interesting journey through time! 

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For Teens
Fridays @ 2:30 - 5:30 PM
Meets: 11/2, 11/9, 11/16, 11/30 & 12/7

Teens! Are you interested in leading armies into battle to reshape history? 

Tabletop wargaming allows players to re-fight epic battles on a small scale using miniature figures, dice and strategy!

We will be painting and putting together armies to refight the 1777 Battle of Fort Montgomery, fought during the American Revolutionary War, only a few miles from our town!

Figures and paints have been provided thanks to a generous grant from the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society Inc.

Register online today, or call (845) 496-5483 x 326 for more information!