CIVHC Newsletter | July 2018
Consumers Can Now Shop for Health Care Imaging Services in CO
A new online tool shows prices for common imaging services at health care facilities across the state. Coloradans needing services like CT scans, MRIs and ultrasounds now have information at their fingertips to search facilities by cost, distance, and patient experience, giving them more decision-making tools than ever before.
CIVHC's Kristin Paulson Named Health Policy Fellow
CIVHC is excited to announce that Kristin Paulson, JD, MPH, VP of Research and Innovation, was one of eight health professionals named as a 2018-2019 RWJF Health Policy Fellow by the National Academy of Medicine and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Beginning in September, Kristin will spend a year in Washington, D.C., working on health-related legislative and regulatory issues with members of Congress and the executive branch.
Perspective Blog - Shopping for Care
By Rachel Linn, Marketing Manager
Last week, my husband called me with debilitating abdominal pain and was unable to stand, let alone drive himself to a provider to receive care. As an employee of CIVHC, my brain immediately went to thoughts around the expenses we were going to incur based on the care setting we chose and services that would be rendered, especially because my husband is on a high deductible health plan. As I drove to pick him up, I thought through some of the decisions we would need to make over the next few hours to determine the cause of his pain and receive treatment if appropriate.

Event Recap
CTAC and Colorado Change Agents Convene for Advanced Illness Care
CIVHC's partnerships are essential for addressing palliative care, serious and advanced illness, advance care planning and care transitions. Now a significant national policy influencer is engaged here in Colorado to bolster this focus on improving care.

CIVHC Status
End of Life Study Methodology
For the past several years, interns from Colorado schools have helped CIVHC with some of our largest projects. During the summer of 2018, two students from the LEADS Program at the University of Colorado’s School of Medicine in Aurora have been working to develop methodology for a Total Cost of Care at the End of Life study.

Featured CO APCD Change Agent
Federal Trade Commission
Economists at the Bureau of Economics at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) conduct research to further the FTC's missions to protect consumers from anti-competitive, deceptive, and unfair business practices through prevention and education. FTC economists are using CO APCD data to study how differences in the structures of health care markets can drive variations in health care provider prices and patient utilization.

Featured Community Change Agent
Aurora Health Access
Social determinants of health, as defined by the World Health Organization , "are the circumstances in which people are born, grow up, live, work and age, and the systems put in place to deal with illness." Historically, those with more means have better care, and therefore better health. Aurora Health Access (AHA) is working to circumvent these factors and ensure that all members of the community have access to health care, regardless of economic standing.

Next Change Agent Chat: Tuesday, August 14, 12-12:30pm MT
Featured Change Agent:   Jay Want, MD, and the Peterson Center on Healthcare

CIVHC is happy to welcome our founding Board Chairman and former Chief Medical Officer, Jay Want, MD, as our August Change Agent. Jay is now Executive Director at the Peterson Center on Healthcare and will update us on the exciting initiatives and work being done across the nation.
NRHI Webinar
Identifying and Acting on Underlying Healthcare Cost Drivers

Monday, August 6, 12-1 pm ET
Knowledge of pricing is critical for every purchase - so why is healthcare so different? Healthcare finance can be complex and even challenging for those involved in the industry to understand. Join us on August 6, 12 pm ET to review price transparency and health care cost drivers.
Division of Insurance
Consumer Forums on Insurance

Next Forum: July 24, 2-4 pm
This Consumer Forum will take place in the middle of the comment period for the individual and small group health plans for 2019. The health insurance companies submitted their plans and premiums to the Division for review in June and they will be made public on July 13. Because of this, we'd like to hear your questions about health insurance to help set our agenda.
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