Dear Fellow Members,

H.R. 3684, the Invest in America Act, contains a provision that would hurt employees and owners of private-sector charter bus companies. We need your help to get Congress to stop this provision.
The United Motorcoach Association (UMA) has been successful in mitigating or reducing the effects of nearly all bill language that would adversely affect the industry. The major exception as of today has been an effort in the House to modify the charter service rule that protects you from unfair transit competition.

While some concessions have been made and House leadership is contemplating others, as an industry we have long concluded that the revised charter service rule is working very well, and no modifications are needed.

UMA has put together a "click-here" campaign to ease the process; see below. However, if you would like to call or write your House Rep, please reach out today!

Thank you,

Patricia Cowley
Executive Director
Telephone: 908-750-4538
Website: www.gnjma.com
Contact: Pattie Cowley, Executive Director | Greater New Jersey Motorcoach Association 
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