Contact your State Representative
and ask them to support the
DMH Rental Subsidy Program in the FY21 budget!
Safe and stable housing is critical to engaging in effective
behavioral health treatment and recovery.

The Department of Mental Health (DMH) Rental Subsidy Program is a rental voucher program for DMH clients. Clients pay 30% of their adjusted income toward rent and the rental vouchers cover the balance of market rent. Individuals receive clinical and social services through DMH-contracted community providers that support their tenancy, wellness, and recovery. The DMH Rental Subsidy Program is critical, as it helps clients secure high quality, affordable housing in the community.
The DMH Rental Subsidy Program is at risk.

Governor Baker's FY21 budget proposal includes a $2M shortfall for the DMH Rental Subsidy Program, which will put many individuals at risk of losing their rental vouchers. This is now compounded by an extremely tenous state fiscal environment due to COVID-19 and the related recession.

Please contact your State Rep and urge them to support funding of the DMH Rental Subsidy Program at $3M over the Governor's FY21 budget proposal. This will address the $2M shortfall and increase the program by $1M to help an additional 71 individuals secure community-based housing.

You can find your State Rep's contact information here.

Here is some sample language to help with your call:


I am calling to urge your support for community-based housing for clients of the Department of Mental Health. Please fund Line Item 7004-9033 (DMH Rental Subsidy Program) in the amount of $10.548M for fiscal year 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that DMH clients who are homeless or living in congregate settings – such as shelters and state hospitals – are disproportionately vulnerable to COVID-19. This funding would fill a shortfall for the program in Governor Baker's FY21 budget proposal and help an additional 71 DMH clients secure stable, affordable community-based housing.

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Best wishes,
Danna, Jessica, and Elise

Danna Mauch, PhD, President and CEO
Jessica Larochelle, MPH, Director of Public Policy and Government Relations 
Elise Ressa, MSW, Child/Adolescent Behavioral Health Policy Analyst