July 1st, 2020 Vending Technology News
By Jeff Adair, Editor

In 2020, contactless payment solutions have become more important than ever before because consumers want to have a fast and easy way to pay for the items that they want without having to touch the vending machine, kiosk, or screen that they are ordering from. What’s the solution to the problem? It’s contactless payment technology.

On Track Innovations LTD  (OTI) is a leading provider of contactless payment solutions. They specialize in near field communications and have developed an international reputation for providing innovative payment solutions for businesses around the world.

With more than one million hardware devices sold worldwide, OTI is one of the market leaders for contactless payment solutions.

Contactless payment solutions, such as those offered by OTIs, can be used in applications other than vending, such as laundromats, air vacuum machines, self-serve pet wash stations, micro markets and more. Contactless payment solutions eliminate having to use paper currency and the possibility of transmitting any viruses.  

2020 has been a tough year for the fitness industry, as Covid-19 has forced many gyms and health clubs around the world to shut down during the early days of the pandemic. 
Now that gyms and health clubs in cities worldwide are reopening, there is another challenge that gym owners face; how they can keep their employees safe during Covid-19, avoid spreading the virus, while offering their customers the same services and products that they are accustomed to. 

According to data from the  Centers for Disease Control , we know that Covid-19 (Coronavirus) can stay airborne for 30 minutes, to 3 hours, and if a business isn’t disinfected regularly the virus can stay on various surfaces for 34 hours, to 3 days.

What is IDS Vending Fit?  

Vending Fit  is a dispensing solution that enables gyms and health clubs worldwide to offer their customers the products that they want like protein powders, foam rollers, energy drinks, towels, and resistance bands without having to physically interact with gym employees.

Ask any vending machine owner and they will tell you that the security of their vending machines is always one of their top priorities because losses from one machine can set an owner back thousands of dollars.

Advance Security  offers solutions to the problem of security for vending machine and micro market businesses.

In this article, we will break down the Advance Security camera and provide you with insight into what you can expect if you choose to purchase this camera to monitor your vending machines.

What Comes With The Camera?

The Advance Security Camera is a complete package; it comes with everything that you need to get it set up and running immediately including an SD Card, DVR, cablings, and you won’t have to purchase anything else from Advance Security before you can start using it.

The vīv touchless, cashless technology solution from Vagabond  is now an option on all new SandenVendo machines. The solution is also available as a retrofit for machines already in the field.

“The availability of the touchless payment platform demonstrates our commitment to providing safe and secure solutions to operators, accounts and consumers to ensure vending machines continue to be a reliable source of nutrition for workers by eliminating the need to touch the machine,” said Joseph Lavook, vp of sales and marketing at SandenVendo.

“As people return to work, they are more cautious about how they interact with their workplace environment,” Lavook continued. “SandenVendo’s new touchless capabilities enable operators and accounts to offer dependable equipment solutions with a secure and exciting touchless purchase experience that is safer for consumers.” He added that vīv-enabled SandenVendo machines are a great solution for operators and workplaces looking to provide consumers with equipment that reduces their anxieties related to interacting with public surfaces. “We look forward to working with our many partners to supply equipment that provides a high degree of confidence in our secure and health conscious offerings,” Lavook said. 

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