Empower Merchants with Contactless Payments
Contactless Payments & Social Distancing: 
The New "Now "

How are you handling the new now?  Card issuers are reporting an increase in contactless payments, and businesses across the U.S. are working to re-open. Enabling contactless payments encourages social distancing and increased peace of mind for both merchants and consumers. BridgePay's EMV ready solutions enable consumers to "tap to pay" whether at the counter or curbside.  Our mobile application also offers order and pay ahead functionality for deliveries to observe social distancing. 

BridgePay is committed to offering our integrated partners payment solutions that support their merchants during the COVID-19 crisis.  Ex pand your offering to service your customer base. Contact our Integration team to help you in the new now!

Tap to Pay with Visa
Did you know Visa's research shows that when a merchant has Visa signage on its door consumers find that merchant to be 2.4 times more reputable and 1.5 times mores likely to enter an unfamiliar store?

Let your customers know you accept contactless payments.