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25 June 2019

Barnabas has always been one of my favorite Bible characters. His name literally means "Son of Encouragement," and he's arguably one of the top two or three most influential members of the early Church. Without Barnabas' encouragement, it's doubtful that either the Apostle Paul or the Gospel-writer Mark would have hit the finish line strong. Imagine the New Testament without those two! At least half of it wouldn't exist.

So many of you have spoken timely encouragement to me. The most encouraging part of that is that I assume that's one of your character traits - you, too, are a son or daughter of encouragement. Just like you've been a Holy Spirit breath of fresh air to me, you've likely filled others' sails, too.

When I'm around Barnabites, I want to be one myself! I'm so encouraged by all the ways God is stirring the pot in our city, I want to encourage you, too. This is a tremendous day to be alive! The darker the darkness get, the brighter the light shines. All the friction and tension around us only makes the unity song sing louder and stronger. God's got this! If I've been convinced of anything in recent weeks, it's that God is way, way ahead of us and is perfectly putting the puzzle pieces together.

Be a Barnabus today to someone in your sphere of influence!

Dave Drum, Founder
J17 Ministries
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"When I was introduced to J17 Ministries, I immediately thought of my marriage. My wife and I have known each other for 21 years. The first 10 years of our relationship were a little contentious. Our conversations focused on our very different priorities, points of view, and interests. Until one day when a telephone call changed our lives in an instant. This call revealed we shared faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Even though our denominations and Bible training were immensely diverse, a companionship developed. Jesus was the first subject we could agree on and, as it turns out, we had much more in common than we originally thought. In a very short time, our differences became insignificant. We just celebrated our 11th anniversary! Just like our marriage, I believe that when the church focuses on Jesus and His will, our differences will become insignificant. Look at the accomplishments J17 Ministries has already achieved. When we come into complete unity, our community will transform and the love of Jesus will be self-evident to everyone."

Testimonial from Brian Cook

Program Note : If you're interested in the Holy Land/Oberammergau 2020 trip that several of us from Tucson are taking, it's imperative that you contact Dave Drum ASAP.
Connecting the Body
Sanctuary Pews Available
Rincon Baptist Church is getting ready to do some remodeling. The original sanctuary has pews in it but this space is going to be re-purposed to be the youth center. If your church could use the 17 pews, Rincon Baptist would like to have them moved out by early October.

If you have any questions or are interested, please contact Pastor Jeff Barnes ( jeff4310@gmail.com).
Harmony Hub
Do We Sound "Awesome" or "Difficult"?
Dave Drum, J17 Ministries
"Who knew that the best news for the Church might also be the best news for the world? Well, Jesus knew that, of course. God-the-Son Jesus stands outside of time, so His prayers are timely in every generation."

READ MORE about how Jesus' John 17 prayer wasn't only relevant in 30 A.D., but in 2019 as we are gearing up for another Presidential election.
Invest i n Jesus' John 17 prayer
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Collaboration Corner
Coming Together to Bring Hope and Change
Dan Johnson, retired pastor
"In late 2017, we learned that Booth-Fickett Middle and Elementary schools were struggling... A team of prayer warriors gathered to cry out to the Lord to intervene and bring justice, peace, and stability."

READ MORE about how God is redeeming and restoring these Tucson schools, and people are witnessing the power of Jeremiah 29:7.
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Join us at GAP Ministries!
Starting in July, TMA will be meeting at GAP Ministries ( map ). For the past 7 years, TMA has met on the east side of Tucson, and by making the move west, we hope more people will be able to participate in " meeting together, eating together, learning together, and praying together, asking God to use us - together - to change our city, one issue at a time"!

Register today and join us on July 11!
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