Learn Tools for the Safe Exploration of Trauma
at the

The Containment Workshop

C harlottesville, VA
April 29 - May 1, 2016

Containing Trauma with Action Methods:
  The Therapeutic Spiral Model (TSM)


 Dr. Kate Hudgins & Action Healing Team
As we now know, trauma is stored in the right brain where there are no words for what happened. Instead there are intrusive feelings, flashbacks, body memories and, what some people call, psychotic thinking or bipolar disorder. But often these symptoms are untreated PTSD,  which, when unresolved, may be an underlying causal factor in life's difficulties.
This workshop teaches a core clinical action intervention from the Therapeutic Spiral Model (Hudgins & Toscani, 2013) called the Containing Double. Through action demonstration, supervised practice and skill training, participants will learn a new, safe action tool they can use immediately. This helps instill an internal strength that balances left and right brain communication, bringing thoughts and feelings together. In addition, participants will learn 4 of the 6 Safety Action Structures. These include the Observing Ego cards, Circle of Safety, Spectragrams, and Hand-On-Shoulders Sociometry. Together these TSM action interventions provide the safety and containment needed for any experiential group work to treat trauma.
This can be taken as a stand-alone workshop with immediately useable skills, or the beginning of a series of experiential workshops for those interested in joining the global community of Certified Therapeutic Spiral Model (TSM) providers. Please join us in a like-minded community of people who want to heal from trauma and pass that healing onto others.
This is a Level 1 workshop that is appropriate for clinicians, educators, community workers and first-responders and any practitioner of experiential psychotherapy who works with trauma. Additionally, this workshop is open to persons interested in education on trauma for themselves.
Dates/Times: Friday, 4/29 - Sunday, 5/1/2016.  Friday & Saturday, 10 AM - 6 PM; Sunday, 9 AM 3 PM.
Fee: $600.  
Housing: Housing through solo or shared rooms at local hotels or Air BnB. Depending on venue, Dr. Kate cooks lunch for Sunday!  
Information & Registration: drkatetsi@mac.com
Presenter :  
Kate Hudgins, Ph.D., TEP, is an internationally recognized expert on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  She developed the research-supported Therapeutic Spiral Modelâ„¢ (TSM ) to treat PTSD, demonstrating that experiential, action-oriented approaches create immediate change and new learning for those suffering under many conditions of stress. She has used and taught TSM world-wide to help the recovery of thousands of persons suffering from various stages of breakdown, subsequent to overwhelming traumatic  life events. Kate is a published author and recipient of numerous international awards.