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Did Consumer Reports get it right?
Five questions for Consumer Reports' beef study
The latest Consumer Reports is warning shoppers their ground beef is so contaminated with bacteria, that "it's full of poop." But is the news as ugly as the headlines make it out to be? Here are five probing questions to clear some smoke from the sensationalism.
How to capitalizeon the school-lunch revolt
Ideas to capitalize on the school-lunch revolt
More than 300,000 kids have headed back to Nebraska's public schools, and some of them are still not happy with the mandates of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2012, which is up for reathorization in Congress. As a result, one report shows six in 10 school districts have seen an increase in kids brown-bagging their lunch. There's opportunity there for the grocer who works creatively to help parents promote healthy and enticing lunches. Here are some ideas.
Why we continue to love our meat
Wikimedia Commons/Pieter Aertsen. Public domain.
Four reasons the long love affair with meat survives
New-era cultural meat-shaming notwithstanding, consumers always come back to the meatcase. Why? Here are the four reasons that always bring shoppers back to meat, guilt-free and ready to buy, according to research.
Where have the cattle gone?
Where are beef supplies?
Two recent USDA reports illustrate the good news/bad news aspect of current U.S. beef cattle markets. The good news? American cattle farmers are actively expanding the herd, which will eventually lead to higher beef supplies and more moderate prices. The bad news: That rebuilding process is going to be long and slow, at least to start. Here's why.      .
Veterinarian, professor, senator, farmer
Veterinarian, professor, senator, farmer
John Keuhn studied veterinary medicine, practiced medicine in Hastings and taught biology at Hastings College before moving his veterinary practice to his red Angus cattle and quarter horse farm in Heartwell. A stint on his local public power board introduced him to public office, which led him to the Nebraska legislature.
Creative promotional signs

The world needs more creative writing like this
When it comes to good promotional writing, there's sometimes a delicately fine line between spurring customers into action and openly insulting them. Some of these restaurant chalk signs have left that line far, far behind.
Kathy's commentary: Here to help you counter food misinformation KATHY'S COMMENTARY
Countering food mistrust
Misleading information causes confusion and distrust of the entire "farm-to-table" industry. We want our readers to know the truth about the food farmers grow, grocers sell and our customers consume. That's the mission of Farmer Goes to Market
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