Principle Mission Project
Please take a few minutes to read and respond to this message. It is very important for the future of all saints and calling a new rector. We want each member to have a voice in this significant decision.
The Vestry gave the Living Our Values Commission (LOVC) the task of working with you, the members of All Saints, to decide upon a Principal Mission Project for our Parish. Our goal is for All Saints Members to decide upon the Project this year to be presented to the church membership in the 2021 Annual Meeting.

We will use the same definition for consensus, a broad agreement, that we used in developing our Core Values. The Mission Project will focus on a major area of need in our Calvert County community and be long-term, not a quick fix. The mission should be so important that we as a Parish are willing to focus our time, talent and abilities on it.

The importance of our decision is seen in our guiding principles for deciding: to love our neighbors as ourselves, witness to our faith in Christ by our deeds and express who we are as a congregation. It will also become an important factor in calling our new rector whom we would expect to wholeheartedly support it.

We begin the process with some brainstorming and input from you the Parish members over the next several weeks, giving members a chance to participate through various means: e-mails, website, direct mailing now and, when services resume, suggestion boxes and bulletins.

We will take the suggestions from the brainstorming and members will begin voting to find the top three preferences.  Our target is to identify the top three by mid-August.

We will then take the top three and invite experts during September (or October) to give a presentation on the top three contenders (at coffee time). We will decide on the top one from those three at a facilitated meeting in November. The one chosen by consensus at that meeting will then be presented at the 2021 Annual Meeting for ratification.

Below we have included ideas for Principal Mission that the Living Our Values Commission has collected from the interviews with members during the Core Values process and from further discussion with members. They are for brainstorming starters.

Please read the list of ideas. Then give us your ideas by one of the following ways:
a.    Your top 1, 2, or 3 preferences from the list.
b.    Your top 1 or 2 preferences from the list and your own idea(s), up to 3
c.    None from the list, but your own idea(s) up to 3.

When choosing from the list, you may use the numbers and letters to report your preferences.

Email your votes and any comments to Sherrill Munn, Co-Chair of Living Our Values Commission, at o r by direct mail Sherrill Munn, 5961 Sunderleigh Drive, Sunderland, MD 20689. If you have questions, call Sherrill Munn, 410-286-7586.

  A Great Big Thank You!

Once again, the Living Our Values Commission very much appreciate your participation in this important process. Your involvement is a great help to the LOVC and a good next step to finding God’s will through the collective inspiration of our members.
List of Potential Principal Mission Projects
1.   Working to resolve housing needs in Calvert County with key partners, such as the Episcopal Housing Authority.
  • For seniors on limited income
  • For young people and young families
  • For work force (e.g. health care workers, teachers, firefighters, deputy sheriffs)

2.   Working to mitigate the opioid crises and substance abuse.

3.   Mentoring youth in need through partnerships with organizations, such as Youth Success Fund.

4.   Correctional reform, particularly related to sentencing and incarceration.

5.   Addressing current effects of racism.

6.   Working to mitigate homelessness.
  •  In general
  •  Homeless families
  • Homeless students

7.   Working to end hunger in Calvert County.

8.   Working to prevent school and community violence.

9.   Addressing issues in education such as maintaining order in the classroom. 
A COLORful Easter Celebration Together
(while we’re apart)
Spread the joy of this Easter season with this simple, yet fun activity you can do at home. Let’s share some love with one another! Here’s how we will do it! Using this link,

print a copy of the lilies and color it however you choose. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You can use anything you have on hand - crayons, markers, colored pencils. Enjoy and BE CREATIVE!
Then, using the recently distributed Parish Directory, mail your beautiful Easter lilies to the next person following your directory entry. Each family/listed person in the directory should receive colorful Easter lilies.

If you do not care to participate, please contact , or Kelly McDonald (call/text at 864-556-2555) as soon as possible to be sure that someone else takes care of sending to the next person behind you in the directory. If you don’t have a directory copy yet, contact the church and one can be sent to you electronically or in the mail. Finally, if you do not receive a colorful creation of Easter lilies from another member of our parish family by April 8, please let the Parish Family Commission know at the contacts above and they will be sure you receive one!

We hope you enjoy this fun way to care for one another at a distance until we can all share the same physical spaces again. 

Happy Easter
from your Parish Family Commission!