FALL 2020
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Whether we’re in the office together (socially distanced, of course) or spread across the country, supporting our clients remains our utmost priority. The value of thoughtful communication has never been more pronounced than it has been over the past several months, and that value is at the core of our business. We continue to place our clients—whose own aspirations, objectives and successes have, excitingly, not slowed one bit as of late—at the forefront of critical conversations and are working to capture and articulate their stories and values to their audiences.

Obviously, the media landscape is drastically different today than it was at the start of the year. We continue to believe that the best communications strategies are informed by a keen understanding of the current media landscape and what journalists need to effectively do their jobs in the moment. In case you missed it, we just launched the Fall 2020 edition of our Media Landscape Report which details the media’s current priorities and pressures in today’s newsroom, based on our conversations with press. Check out the surprising findings here.

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V2 Virtual Studio

V2 developed a suite of new service offerings to help clients tell their stories through digital avenues and disruptive landscapes, including our V2 Virtual Studio to guide clients into the promising world of podcasting.
Listen to ASG’s Digital: Disrupted, which has already garnered hundreds of downloads from a global audience.
Q&A with Jen Papineau at ASG:
How Podcasting Drives Real Results
As a strategic communications partner, there’s nothing better than a client who wants to think big with a new program. Well, perhaps one thing: when the results are even bigger. That’s been the case with ASG Technologies’ podcast, Digital: Disrupted. V2 had the pleasure of partnering with ASG in conceptualizing, producing and promoting its flagship podcast alongside ASG’s Director of Corporate Marketing, Jen Papineau. Jordan Stanley captured the Q&A with Jen to discuss what fueled the early success of Digital: Disrupted and how the podcast is already delivering value to ASG.

V2: What inspired you to start a podcast for ASG?
JP: Early in the pandemic, people were starting to engage and listen to content in different ways. However, at a certain point, there’s only so much content available in their preferred channels. Personally, and professionally, I started listening to podcasts and saw an informal trend of people engaging more with this medium. With more research, I believed podcasting could be an interesting way for ASG to share thought leadership, new voices and new content. That’s why we’re the sponsor of the podcast – so we can cover topics beyond features and functionality.

As I mapped out the idea for ASG’s podcast, I knew the project couldn’t rest on my shoulders or the shoulders of my team. We wanted to step outside the ASG focus and bring in outside perspectives – so of course, my first thought was V2. We had the idea, but we needed to start executing, find influencers and build out the program, and we knew it would be a true partnership.

V2: What are the benefits of podcasting with a partner?
JP: Two heads are better than one, and four heads are better than two. The V2 team brings a very different perspective and scope, and by combining their expertise with my mine and our host Paul Muller’s, we are bringing the best of all worlds together. We always have fresh ideas and keep expanding the podcast into new areas. The phenomenal product we’ve achieved couldn’t have come from just one person.

V2: What is your favorite part about running a podcast for ASG?
JP: I love the limitless opportunity to share fascinating stories and thought leadership. We aren’t locked into talking about a specific product. It’s fascinating – and fun! I get the privilege of finding really smart, really interesting people, recording our conversations and bringing their stories to life. Unsurprisingly, we are getting amazing feedback from our listeners. Internally and externally, they genuinely love the content.

V2: What results have you seen from the podcast so far?
JP: Whenever we release a new episode of the podcast, we see a corresponding spike in traffic on the ASG website – thousands of page views, in fact. Listeners go to the podcast webpage to listen to the episode, but they keep coming back.

So far, we’ve had 12,000 pageviews on the podcast webpage and an increase in social media activity. It’s amazing, because it means listeners are getting introduced to ASG, and we’re creating great awareness. Even industry peers and analysts outside of the ASG family have been listening to the podcast and reach out saying they want to participate.

Again, it’s all about partnership. This group, V2 and ASG, created something amazing. We’re very proud.
V2 Client Showcase: Welcoming New Clients
V2 is a Top Place to Work!

V2 has been named once again to PRNEWS’s Top Places to Work in PR list! While 2020 has presented many hurdles to a tight-knit workforce like our own, we’re proud to attract and retain the best and brightest communications professionals.
  • V2’s culture club keeps colleagues connected with a daily game of Guess Who, V2, dropping daily, anonymous fun facts into one of our Team's threads for the rest of the agency to match with a team member.

  • V2 is grateful to have continued to thrive and grow during this challenging time. In the past couple months, we’ve welcomed FOUR new V2 team members to support our growth. They’ve already proven to be great additions, and we’re excited for you to get to know them as well. 

  • V2 was also named to the Boston Business Journal’s Largest PR Agencies in Massachusetts! While general headcount among Massachusetts’ PR firms is trending downwards, V2 persists as one of a very few who are growing theirs, along with revenue and client base.