April 27, 2020
Contingency Planning During COVID-19: Now More Than Ever
If you or one of your colleagues are among the many Canadians who contract COVID-19, the consequences to your practice and clients could be long-lasting and profound.

If you become unable to practice due to illness, there are professional implications that you should consider. This includes frozen trust accounts, critical steps being missed on files and significant financial issues.

In the face of COVID-19, the need for contingency planning has never been more urgent or important. 
Court of Queen's Bench: Closure of Fort McMurray Courthouse
Due to flooding in the Fort McMurray townsite area, the courthouse is closed until further notice. To accommodate continuation of Queen's Bench document filing and emergency applications, certain changes are being made immediately until further notice.
Provincial Court of Alberta Announcement: COVID-19 and Bar Admission Ceremonies
To help contain the spread of COVID-19, the Provincial Court is limiting attendance at Bar Admission ceremonies and implementing social distancing measures in court proceedings, effective immediately. Until further notice attendees are limited to the Applicant and their Principal. Ceremonies will be scheduled as needed with priority given to urgent court proceedings.
Changes to the City of Calgary Encroachment Policy
On March 16, 2020, the City of Calgary passed Encroachment Bylaw 9M2020 and rescinded Encroachment Policy CS008. This change will be of interest to lawyers with clients who have interests in land in Calgary.
The previous Encroachment Policy has been in place since 1996. The new Encroachment Bylaw 9M2020 is supported by a set of Encroachment Guidelines and Application and Encroachment Fees.
The Encroachment Guidelines outline how the City of Calgary will handle all types of encroachments onto city properties and interests and the Application and Encroachment Fees outline the cost of various types of encroachments onto city properties and interests.
For more information, please visit the City of Calgary website or contact the City directly.