Rep David Lewis Seems To Think Our Demand For Govt Voter ID on Absentee Ballots is 'paranoia and not legitimate.'
On July 25th 2019, Lewis wrote to County Chairs and Vice Chairs and Central Committee because he can no longer ignore your many phone calls and emails ... Nix Floyd. Fix SB683, and pass SB250.

"While many of you may have heard from your constituents and/or your local party, the “Floyd Amendment” has raised concerns far beyond its actual impact and most of what you’ve read is merely paranoia and not legitimate. ..."

He then refutes his own claim: "However, out of an abundance of caution, and in response to concerns our Members have raised, we are working on a PCS for SB683 which requires every ballot request to include the copy of the ID, or the last four digits of the SSN or their drivers’ license number if the voter uses an affidavit. This “belt and suspender” approach will fully address every issue being raised by some of your local parties and activists."

Demanding a valid voter ID on an absentee ballot is not paranoia. It is a legitimate concern. Legitimate voter ID on absentee ballots assures each legitimate vote counts. The Floyd Amendment makes it easy for illegals and felons to cancel out your vote.
Floyd should never have been passed (with the exception of one Republican) by the NC House GOP delegation no less!

Demanding Proof of Citizenship should not be up for debate, let alone removed from voter requirements.
The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution stipulates that the right to vote in federal elections for the Senate, House of Representatives and presidency is limited to U.S. citizens. With few exceptions, most state constitutions explicitly authorize only resident citizens to vote in state and local elections.

In addition to demanding the removal of the Floyd Amendment, Senate Bill 250, a law to help election officials detect, remove, and prosecute non-citizen voters , needs to be passed but with the original version of Senate Bill 250 clause back into the law:

“If a person is excused from jury duty for any reason relating to [voting] qualifications . . . the record of his or her name, address, reason for excusal, and the date of excusal shall be a public record under G.S. 132-1.”

Voter Integrity Project encourages the public to ask their State Representatives to put the clause back into the law.
SB250 assures public oversight.
“Without transparency in election law, taxpayers labor for the government,” said Jay DeLancy. “It should be the other way around.”

We don't want the NC legislature to leave Raleigh before they fix the issue of absentee ballot govt ID. Nix the Floyd Amendment in SB 683.

Also,  Senate Bill 250, a law to help election officials detect, remove, and prosecute non-citizen voters must be passed with the original version of Senate Bill 250 clause that assures transparency. 
Our concern is that the NC House will fix the budget, and leave. Don't let that happen. Demand each legitimate vote in NC is counted

Your pressure is working! Keep up the great work! See here for additional resources, contact info, and talking points.

Check back often for an updated list.
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