July 28, 2022
To all Members of the Tufts Medicine Professional Group and Tufts Medicine Integrated Network 

Dear Colleagues,
In October 2021, our Chief Physician Executive, Dr. Mike Wagner began serving in two interim leadership assignments, President and CEO of the Tufts Medical Center Physicians Organization and EVP and President for the Tufts Medical Center Professional Group – the entity that is bringing our separate physicians organizations together into one group – in addition to his other regular duties as Chief Physician Executive.

Midway through the search for a new leader for the Professional Group, and following the review and evaluation of several particularly strong candidates, Mike expressed concerns about filling this important role with an outside candidate and the impact that could have on our integration efforts, including potential loss of momentum. And he recommended that we suspend the search. I and other members of our executive team agreed with this recommendation because it also included an offer from Mike to continue the interim leadership roles he has been filling since September 2021 indefinitely — an offer for which I am personally very grateful and which I accepted enthusiastically.

Mike’s commitment to our growing and changing system, and his willingness to expand his portfolio of responsibilities, will ensure strong and consistent leadership and maintain positive momentum for our physician enterprise.

His successful work across all parts of the Tufts Medicine system makes him uniquely qualified to lead us through our next stages of system integration, including the important work to unify our three employed physicians organizations, strengthen and expand population health opportunities through the Tufts Medicine Integrated Network, integrate our service lines, and improve quality and patient safety.

Please join me in thanking Dr. Wagner for his dedication to our system and his continued leadership.

With warm regards,
Michael Dandorph
President and CEO
Tufts Medicine

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