Continued Supports for Educators
The MiMTSS Technical Assistance Center is pleased to announce another webinar series.

Each hour-long webinar will feature a guest national speaker to expand on topics from the previous series. Presenters will share strategies for immediate implementation by educators.

Continued topics are:
  • Promoting a positive and effective school climate
  • Addressing social-emotional needs
  • Using high leverage instructional practices
  • Building relationships with families

A brief follow-up video for each session will be provided for administrators and another video for a School Leadership Team to support implementation.
Event Details

Tuesday, November 10
Tuesday, November 17
Tuesday, December 1
Tuesday, December 8

All webinars will occur via Zoom from 3:30 - 4:30 ET.
Registration Details

Individual session registration is available. Please register only for the sessions you will attend live. Registration is not required to access the webinar recordings and materials.

Free to participate.
Recap from Webinar Series 1
Did you miss any of the previous webinars or would you like a recap from each session? The key points and links to short video clips can be found in Highlights from Supporting Educators Webinar Series.
Incorporating Trauma-Informed Practices
within a PBIS Framework
November 10, 2020
Presenter Susan Barrett
This presentation will provide specific strategies for strengthening Tier 1 components with the features of trauma-informed practices. We will provide a crosswalk to help teachers a) create a safe, predictable, consistent environment, b) promote belonging and relationship development, c) teach and reinforce social-emotional-behavioral competencies, and d) support cognitive, emotional, and behavioral regulation. 
High Leverage Instructional Practices
November 17, 2020
Presenter Dr. Anita Archer
This webinar will focus on research-validated procedures including 1) Deliberate Practice, 2) Retrieval Practice, and 3) Spaced Practice. When these procedures are intentionally used, learning outcomes can be significantly increased, often doubled. Dr. Archer will present research on practice and give many examples that will illustrate the use of these procedures in elementary and secondary classes.
Creating Positive, Predictable, and Safe
Learning Environments for All
December 1, 2020
Presenter Dr. Brandi Simonsen
This webinar focuses on basic practices educators can use to support all students during remote, hybrid, and in-person learning. Building on the first Effective Environments webinar, Dr. Simonsen will provide a range of examples and share lessons learned from educators who have successfully created positive, predictable, and safe classrooms during an unprecedented fall semester.
Engaging and Supporting Families
with a Multi-Tiered Approach
December 8, 2020
Presenters Dr. Barbara Boon & Hadley Bachman
In this session, participants will explore family engagement through a theoretical model and the application of the MTSS model. Participants will examine their current core strategies for family engagement and indicators for intervention and increased support. Participants will also explore the role of families as providers, receivers, and informers of the tiers of support.
A confirmation email with sessions selected and Zoom link will be provided after registration is complete.
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