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April 20th 2020
Dear Families,

We heard in today's announcement from Governor Mike DeWine that remote learning will continue through the end of the school year. While we knew that this was a possibility, we can now say that remote learning for the remainder of the school year is a certainty.
Parents and students - you are all doing a fantastic job adapting to this new way of operating and I am continuously impressed by what you are accomplishing. While today's announcement brings clarity to the question of how long remote learning might go on, it certainly does not answer all of our questions. We will continue working with our state leaders and health officials to bring you more answers. For now, we will all continue pushing forward and doing our best.
If you missed the announcement last week, we are rescheduling our Completion Ceremony for July 8th, 2020. Please mark your calendars, but know that this new date is dependent on future mandates.
With this new announcement, no matter how anticipated it might have been, it may bring out a new host of emotions. Please remember that our Student Services Department is continuing to offer support for our students' mental health and emotional well-being online. In addition, they are compiling resources for you to access here. If you feel that your child is in need of our counseling services, please contact us at 740-203-2214. If you feel that what your child is experiencing is an emergency, please call 911.
Keep up the great work and remember to take care of yourselves and each other. I will continue to be in touch and bring you more information as I have it.

Best Regards,
Mary Beth Freeman
Delaware Area Career Center
COVID-19 Resources
Please make sure you have the most up-to-date news on our COVID-19 Information page on the DACC web site.
Information specifically about the COVID-19 situation can be found with the Center for Disease Control and the Delaware General Health District:

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