IEA is so proud and grateful for the extraordinary efforts from show hosts, teams, and coaches across the nation regarding Covid-compliance and added safety measures at their horse shows.
As we move to more indoor shows and as the COVID-19 virus infects more people across the Country, we must continue our diligence and follow all Governmental and IEA Guidelines for keeping our competitors and adults healthy. 
At the recommendation of the IEA Covid Task Force, we suggest that show hosts assign an official “Covid Supervisor” to oversee safety operations during the show. This individual should feel comfortable moving around the horse show reminding/enforcing attendees (coaches, riders, parents) to properly wear their mask, social distance, and leave immediately following their rider’s last class. This has already been successfully incorporated in many shows and has helped to improve safety measures even more.
As a reminder to show hosts: Please submit your final show schedule (with approximate times, if possible) and any Covid-related reminders by the THURSDAY before your horse show so that the office staff has time to post it online for attendees. 
Remember the 3 W’s to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection:
·      Wear a mask
·      Wash your hands
·      Watch your distance
If you have any questions, please contact us at or by calling 1-877-RIDE-IEA or visit the IEA Covid-19 Resource Hub.
Let us keep working, communicating and cooperating with each other to keep our IEA shows as safe as possible! Thank you for your support.
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