KyleCares Foundation News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . June 2021
Millis High School Commits to Becoming a JED High School!
In March a diverse group of educators from Millis (MA) Middle and High Schools met with KyleCares and The Jed Foundation to learn more about JED’s Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention

JED’s Comprehensive Approach is based on a shared vision throughout a school district that student well-being
is everyone’s responsibility. It provides
a blueprint for schools to
follow for strategic planning around mental health, reducing the risk of suicide, and preparing students emotionally for the transition out of high school and into young adulthood. 

“We realized JED’s Comprehensive Approach would coordinate our efforts, identify our current practices that are most effective, and provide evidence-based resources and strategies to better serve the needs of our
students”, shared High School
Principal Mark Awdycki. 

As a result, Millis becomes one of the first 25 schools in the United States to make the commitment to
become a JED High School!
KyleCares was proud to help sponsor and participate in the Samaritans’ annual Breakfast for Hope on May 25th! This year’s virtual program theme focused on “how we can move forward together from the complications and devastation of the last year”. For nearly 50 years Samaritans has been working to prevent suicide and support those who have lost someone to suicide. People sometimes just need someone to talk to, and be heard, and Samaritans services emphasize confidential, non-judgmental and compassionate listening. Learn more about their terrific work at 
If you are feeling lonely, depressed,
or just need someone to talk to,
Samaritans Helpline volunteers are available to help 24x7. 
You can call or text any time at 877-870-4673 (HOPE).
“Mental illness is America’s secret. It is the secret we keep that prevents us from asking for the help we need”.
–Frank Warren, PostSecret Creator and Best Selling Author
With nearly 500 registrants from across the country, KyleCares sponsored an entertaining and thought-provoking virtual presentation on June 5th by best-selling author Frank Warren, “The Most Trusted Stranger in America” and founder of
Warren engages audiences with the inspiring, funny, and at times heartbreaking
stories behind highly personal secrets sent to him on artfully decorated post cards bymanonymous strangers to be shared online. A worldwide phenomenon,
Warren’s website has been the most visited ad-free blog
in the world, and he has raised over $1 million for suicide prevention.  
Warren discussed what we can learn from secrets, and offered “when we hide
secrets inside of us they feel like walls and isolate us, but in reality they can be
bridges that remind us all we are connected”. By finding the courage to share our
stories of personal struggles, we can release our burdens, reduce stigma, and
help each other by encouraging others to ask for help in response to the
rise in anxiety, loneliness, depression, and suicidal ideation.
Since 2019, KyleCares has invested over $105,000 to bring nearly 80
mental health workshops, trainings,
and stigma-breaking programs to New England high schools, colleges, and our partners, directly engaging more than 19,000 students, 640 faculty, and 620 parents in mental health education and awareness building.
The Medfield (MA) High School Active Minds Chapter
organized a 'Mental Health Week' for Mental Health Awareness Month in May that included the distribution of rubber bracelets
for all students that say
'its ok not to be ok'.

Stickers and posters like those below adorned the walls,
and a lot of other cool activities for students that helped promote positive mental health.

Special THANK YOU to our Platinum Sponsor: